*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Season 9 Battle Pass, New Shop, Volcano Event!

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Fortnite New Update – Season 9 Battle Pass, New Shop, and the Volcano Event is what we discuss today!

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49 Comments on “*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Season 9 Battle Pass, New Shop, Volcano Event!”

  1. Hey bud can you please play a little bit more RL please I really miss it. I your work with this game but can you do both. You made a name for yourself on RL and Fortnite helped you explode so please bud can we do both.

  2. Vote for the tac smg the drum gun even though it is good it will make the game not fun and they would most likely just have to vault it again due to the community. Other thing is if it doesn't get vaulted then it will get a huge Nerf most likely making it useless. And then it would be like a waste of choice when we could of brought back the tactical smg a gun that doesn't break the game. Not hating on the drum gun I love that gun but I want to be completely honest about it. Now if it's a LTM the heck ya bring it back in that!

  3. Pls like

    when I was doing creative I could go through walls. I went to spawn island and went into loot lake. Inside the middle there was a tube in the tube there was a blinding purple/pink light.

  4. Can i ask a very hard question that i know 99% you want do?

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    Plzz i need a shoutout (leave a like so he can se it)thats the only thank you i need my ig name is soulnitezz

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