*NEW* Fortnite Update! Season 9 Teaser, FREE Glider, Event BROKEN & More!

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50 Comments on “*NEW* Fortnite Update! Season 9 Teaser, FREE Glider, Event BROKEN & More!”

  1. I’ve had fortnite uninstalled for some time now, but I love coming here and seeing how much epic is fucking up their game so thank you happy I always enjoy your content

  2. So what ive realized playing this game for a while is that you need to play save the world to understand the full storyline of this game
    but there was alawayes this question: what is the storm?
    In the start of the stw trailer it makes it look like its some alien thing.
    i belived that it was because the visitor made it look like he sended it or something but i bealive the visitor is not the bad guy.
    I stoped bealiving that the storm was an alien thing and more of a dark entity or a manifestation of darkness and shadows.
    Most stuff in both br and stw related to either the cube or storm in general has names like "dark bomber" "shadow stones" etc.
    I bealive that the nexus or the butterfly things are the oposite, manifestations of the light.
    I think that the next season in fortnite is going to be obviously more than one theme like
    season 4 space and superheros
    season 5 cracks and time
    season 6 halloween and darkness
    season 7 christmas and ice
    season 8 jungle, pirats, fire
    season 9 time (but this time we will be traveling instead of things) and light
    ive been researching a lot about fortnite br and stw storyline and i think i solve the hole.
    Ive made some gametheory level stuff
    the only things im still trying to do is
    1) (in stw) find out who is dr vinderman and what happened to him
    2) who is the visitor
    3) translate the glyphs and the runes
    4) what is the storm excactly

    Happy if you are reading this it would mean a lot id you took some time to see my full theory about the holde storyline in fortine
    opionions. thoughts and if u agree with it or not and why.
    If you do see this and want to hear my theory plz message me via discord on
    Also if anybody else is reading this and wants to know my theory message me as well 🙂
    If you agree with my thoery and want happy to cover it on his chanel or atleast see it then plz like this comment.
    I dont want to be that person that begs for likes and happy to see his insanenly weird theory so thats why i ask you to like this only if you think my theory is right

  3. When i tried to join the unvaulting event it wasnt there so i closed the application and rejoined when i joined the volcano event was happing the moment i joines the voting event was done well i get the glider?

  4. Bruh we needed to vote we dont want that glider most of us can buy it almost 90% of the pros didnt get to vote bruh…so the casual players and newbies voted for the drum gun there is proof on twitter brooo

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