*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Twitch Pack 3, Fly Hacker, I Got Called Out!

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Fortnite New Update – Twitch Prime Pack 3, Fly Hacker, and I Got Called Out is what we discuss today!

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Tim Sweeney, owner of Epic Games, says that offline support is coming to the Epic Games Launcher in early 2019. from FortNiteBR

block updated to a market from FortNiteBR

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32 Comments on “*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Twitch Pack 3, Fly Hacker, I Got Called Out!”

  1. I didn't the video yet but I think Kodakos who called u ut, ignore him, you're the best fortnite youtuber. We luv u as a content creator and I used your code for most of my item shop buys.

  2. i agree with Kodak i think your a great guy but plunging you support a creator code puting ads in the videos you think your a innocent little youtuber your praising your fans for disliking your in your own little bubble and are fickle heres what i predict your channels going to crash down to rubble oh no now listen ive never seen you ever make a valid defense you just say "oh hes so mean go dislike his video and while your doing that yous the support a creator code wha wha wha" here i have some ideas to help your chanel start making less videos not every thing that hapens in fortnite you need to cover

  3. What annoys me is that he said that u play the gameplay to stretch it but why would u cut it off at 8 kills in top 5 I think kodak just kinda annoys me

  4. I didn't agree with Kodak, but he also said that, itss okay if you do it because you put time in your video's. His video is mainly the ones that have bad quality video's. He does say you make good video's.

  5. So ummm no hate but y'all need to chill for real some people make there video offer 10:00 minutes but some people shouldn't like best trends but your kind of money hunger XD NO HATE OK CHILL

  6. Ur such a chill guy, if it was other guy getting "called out" he would probably just freak out or something, so keep up the good work, btw, he used you as an example of what could be considered extending the videos, i dont think he considers you to do anything wrong, just wanted to set a point to the next channels that he talks about

  7. You money hungry youtuber!!!!!!! Just stop and you talk about the news for 5 minuets then play games like wtf we came here for news not fortnite gameplay ITS NOT A MEME

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