*NEW* Krunker Hacks | How To Get Krunker Hacks In May

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Just some more advanced and easy hacks with everything in mind. Not too much to say.

Tampermonkey: tampermonkey.net

Script: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/382785-kc-aimbot-wallhack-auto-reload-fast-slow-speedhack-time-stop-bhop-auto-weapon-swap

47 Comments on “*NEW* Krunker Hacks | How To Get Krunker Hacks In May”

  1. Are you seriously hacking krunker? Are you 5 years old? You're clearly a creative person, and you clearly are smart enough to start a YouTube channel. Why don't you use that intelligence instead of cheating at a free browser game?

  2. Za warudo comes from the anime JoJos bizarre adventure. What its supposed to do is Freeze time for five seconds. but in krunker it freezes you only

  3. Bec of you hacking is too ez and the game will be unplayable in 1 month. Stop uploading these. 11 year old kids think "hacking" is cool they are not even hacking. Smh for the next patch just make your own scripts. Oh wait 11 year old kids cant even make scripts bec they are dumb asf

  4. join my krunker clan:
    10: >.5
    15: >1.0
    20: >1.5

    Also, I wont be accepting people who are marked as a hacker…… as the more hackers I have, the more likely I am to get marked as a hacker

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