*NEW* V10.20 Update! BORDERLANDS 3, Horror Maps & Torches – Fortnite Creative

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Today I walk you through the brand new Fortnite Creative V10.20 update/patch! There were a lot of things added in this update including Borderlands 3 props for the FortniteXMayhem event, new settings to create horror maps and insane new devices!

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22 Comments on “*NEW* V10.20 Update! BORDERLANDS 3, Horror Maps & Torches – Fortnite Creative”

  1. team evolve should make a horror map it would be amazing.

    my tip is by using the eyeballs on the durr burger objective for a creepy eyeball look and maybe the tomato head objective and use the bottom of his head for a bloody dark look.

  2. I don’t play creative because I like sharing my creations, but I don’t have a creator code. I also do not know how to get one.

    I also love buildings made out of scraps, they look nice.

  3. hey, can you please upload a tutorial on how your bedwars map works when you destroy a bed. I would like to know how you did it, that all the opponents of the team die then 😀

  4. They need to add a player spawn that is like the new item spawner! It would be awesome since you would'nt have to have the limit to spawn on one square at a time.

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