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Is the Nintendo Switch a system worth your time? Check out our full console review right now!
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37 Comments on “Nintendo Switch Full Console Review – Rerez”

  1. Well I believe the reason the battery life is shorter because when the joycons are docked they receive power from the system. To fix this just take out the joycons while playing and the battery life will be longer.

  2. The controllers are what kills it for me. That off set joystick crap sucks all the fun out of gaming. Literally why I don't play either XBOX or the 360 any more. It's just plain uncomfortable.

  3. Ive had the Switch for almost 2 months now and never had the desync issue. I was aware of the problem and have been waiting for it to happen. Nothing so far. Great little machine, but the battery sucks and accessories are one hell of a hidden cost

  4. Always funny watching a video calling out a product they're totally wrong about. The switch is now the fastest selling console and has some of the highest rated games of any generation. What happened to it no taking off and the 3ds being better then it on portability. There was so many calling and still calling the switch a failure, which is funny because it's showing that Nintendo putting it's core fundamentals aka the game needs to be fun first and foremost.

  5. Appreciate your honest feelings about it, but i can’t help but wonder if the entire review was based entirely on your feelings. To be honest i’m really happy you were wrong, the console is a huge success and exceeds in almost every aspect. The only downside is indeed the lack of a proper d-pad and the dimensions being somewhat too big to be carried in a pocket. But that’s easily repaired by using a case and purchasing the pro controller to have a proper d-pad, in fact 8 bitdo release a very useful dongle that let’s you connect basically a ps4, xbox one controller that can easily adjust to any gamer’s expectations. If i can describe the Nintendo Switch in one word it would be “versatility”, no other system to this date had so much innovation screaming in all it’s glory. Really proud of Nintendo for also bringing local multiplayer, a feature all modern console seems to lack in most games.

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