NoDQ Live: NXT Takeover: War Games II full show review & reactions

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38 Comments on “NoDQ Live: NXT Takeover: War Games II full show review & reactions”

  1. I agree with the previous comment the girl in the background is very annoying I have no problem if you want to talk i encourage it but if your gonna talk that much try and be on screen instead of doing all this talking from the background out of view

  2. So she's swearing so what! this is YouTube. Say whatever you want! And that was easily one of the best Takeovers ever!. Near perfect event from start to finish

  3. Who ever that was screaming over everyone in the background needs to zip it. Made this video nearly unwatchable. I won't downvote it this time because I don't want to do that to NoDQ, but if that person repeats her childish behavior on the SS video, I'm going to have to leave a downvote.

    Edit: I take back "nearly unwatchable". After 20ish minutes, I tapped out. That background screamer ruined the video. Still won't leave a downvote, but I cannot watch anymore. Aaron, please don't let that happen again.

  4. Another great video but it was so hard to enjoy it with the ANNOYING off camera person who keeps yelling over everyone. And then she tried to scold Greg about his aunt Janet.

    PLEASE don't be in the same location for Survivor Series Review

  5. my matches ranked from top to bottom (In my humble opinion)

    1 Velveteen Dream Vs Tomasso Ciampa

    2 Johnny Gargano Vs Aleister Black

    3 Shayna Baszler Vs Kairi Sane

    4 Wargames

    5 Riddle Vs Ohno debacle

  6. The Dream is my MVP of the night.

    That man has so much charisma.

    Getting all the Hogan stuff over from the attire to the movements.

    Not a fan of this Riddle fella.
    Fake smile

    Flip flops

    and the whole BRO gimmick does not help his case.

    Reminds me of a certain writer that used to work for #wwe

  7. I've been a goodmicwork fan since 2013. This is my first time checking out this channel and I gotta say, its pretty damn good. Looking forward to future videos and you just gained a subscriber!

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