Nordic Games Reveals New Open-World RPG ELEX – IGN News

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Nordic Games has announced an all-new, open-world RPG called ELEX.

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  1. this game will be good. I was hoping for gothic 5, but every open world rpg from piranha bytes has been good so far, even if they are a tad formulaic….but it would not be an rpg without some of that formula 🙂 this game looks suited to multplayer as well, but I have not heard anything about it.

  2. Except for the first concept artwork none of what you see here is Elex. This is gameplay footage of the great Darksiders from former developer Vigil Games. Piranha Bytes has nothing to do with it. IGN didn't even bother crediting it as the rights for the Darksiders franchise have been bought by Nordic Games when the original publisher THQ went bankrupt. Nevertheless a shame for IGN who in general have a certain consistency of honest reports.

  3. OMG, this is Piranha Byte's  game, Nordic is only a distributor. Why did you show a random shit from Nordic, but no Risen or Gothic gameplay?

  4. Complex as in 'Legacy of Kain' complex? 'Cause I would be rather happy with that, especially since they cancelled the next game planned in the series way back when.

  5. So, they're just starting a new IP instead of making Darksiders 3? Officially dead. After so much time without them saying anything about Darksiders 3, and then showing this, I feel there's no hope for a comeback. :/

  6. After the fail of Risen 2 I do not have strong faith in this project. Gothic 1-2 and 3 with CEP 1.7 are my best RPG memories but after what I have experienced so far with Witcher 3 the bar is very, very high for all fantasy RPG. Witcher 3 is literally the "Last of Us" for PC RPG games. It is a new standard. Considering limited resources of PD and what I saw in Risen 2… I never bought Risen 3 and I do not plan it…

  7. Was about to say: This looks like Darksiders. Then I realised it was Darksiders. Lol, hopefully the new game is pretty sweet. I for one can never get enough open world RPGs.

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