PES 2020 eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020: A Full Match of 4K Gameplay

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Check a full game of 4K gameplay from eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, also known as PES 2020. Captured on Xbox One X.

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43 Comments on “PES 2020 eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020: A Full Match of 4K Gameplay”

  1. I must be getting old. I just don't find football games fun anymore. I enjoyed the ps2 era of pes games far more than the ps3 or ps4. The last pes I really enjoyed was pes 6. I liked the fast paced gameplay and simplicity of the game. No myriads of buttons and arrows to do all the different trick which I have no appetite to learn. Sure the graphics and realism are superior nowadays but for me less fun to play and too technical.

  2. I love pes, always improving every year, graphically and mechanically. Too bad fifa’s been a stalemate this whole generation since fifa14 and even before that. I just wish pes had all the of licenses without having to download them every year. Pes is always a great buy.

  3. Last time I had a PES was on 2012 I think, then came Fifa 14, 16, 17, 18 but this year I went with PES again.

    I didn't like the 2019 PES demo and Fifa 2019 was more of the same so I didn't get any game for 2019, but man…Fifa 20 demo is still more of the same while PES 2020 demo was amazing and felt like real football should so I got the game yesterday.

    The licenses thing is a shame, but other than that when it comes to gameplay PES 2020 is very superior to Fifa 2020.

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