Playing Android Games on a Chromebook! Warhammer Freeblade and Play Store

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In this video, I go over how to find the Android Play Store on the newest Chromebooks. I show the 3D game play of the game, “Freeblade.”
I wanted to record all of the gameplay with the internal video by using the app called, Screencastify, but the capture quality was not good enough, during actual the gameplay, so after trying out three other methods, I decided to just record the screen with an ext. video camera and sync it with the sound that was recorded by the screencastify app. I then used VideoPad to tie everything together into a good review of how to find the play store, install an Android app, and play a 3D game, all on a Acer Chromebook 15 Touch CB515.
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9 Comments on “Playing Android Games on a Chromebook! Warhammer Freeblade and Play Store”

  1. Do you do much with installing linux os's, like a flavor of ubuntu, say with a lxde or xfce desktop? Those two are so light that I can't imagine this chromebook having much trouble running smoothly. I'm looking forward to slapping crouton onto one of these chromebooks soon.

  2. I'd turn some settings down (wish you had shown what settings you were using) . Had a lot of stutter and dropped frames. It may not look as good as possible, but the game would play much smoother.

    My first Chromebook is in the mail. My favorite tablet broke a few weeks back (eight years of solid service RIP), and I couldn't find a replacement that I thought I could be happy with for 5-6 yrs. When I discovered Chromebooks have Android support, it was a no-brainer. They are very attractive pieces of tech if you know what you want.

    I think this is one of the few videos I've found with an extended look at what a Chromebook can do with a Play Store app. I very much appreciate your work.
    Thanks for the demo, Daniel.

  3. Thanks for the helpful video. I'm wondering what the camera is you are using. I've been looking for something like that to help my mom who has macular degeneration so she could point it at things and people to see them better on a screen.

    Also the original reason for checking your video out. Now that chrome books are running android apps, how effective do you think they are as a replacement for a Windows type computer? I'm thinking there is more software for Android than Windows at this point.

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