Playstation Vita: Easily Hack 3.69-3.70 with FinTrinity

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Today we will look at my FinTrinity application that aims to make Trinity by TheOfficialFloW much easier to install so you can hack your Vita.




Decryption Key Generator:

Games and Demos
Any PSP/mini Game/Demo should work. Here are some free ones:

EU/UK: Ape Quest
NA/SG: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival
JP: YS seven


Support Me

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13 Comments on “Playstation Vita: Easily Hack 3.69-3.70 with FinTrinity”

  1. When I try to click the download for python it just opens up another window…no download, I don’t know what link to download from there. Why is this still so complicated

  2. FinTrinity won't start, neither the cmd nor the GUI version. After double click the GUI version just closes itself, the cmd version shows "PRESS ENTER TO CLOSE". Python 3.7.3 is installed. I use Windows 10.

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