PlayStation VR to be Priced as a 'New Gaming Platform' – IGN News

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Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset, which is now officially called PlayStation VR, will be priced as a “new gaming platform,” according to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House.

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29 Comments on “PlayStation VR to be Priced as a 'New Gaming Platform' – IGN News”

  1. Old news,i dont even know why the surprise,oc this will cost like 400 or 500$.Only think u need to be dumb as fk to buy it within the 1st year,sony can shove their 10 games up theyr ass.

  2. I like it when people say they should have stuck to project Morpheus but do you remember kinect when that was in alpha stages and it was called project natal then everyone went mad over the name change to kinect but now everyone's cool with it

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