Pokemon Dark Rising – Episode 15 ROM HACK GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH

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Pokemon Dark Rising – Episode 13 ROM HACK GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH

Arceus has chosen us to defeat Darugis…or Dargus, idk but we’ll journey through Core Region to see what he was talking about. Battling Trainers, Hacked Sprites and shit….in Pokemon Dark ….Rising? watch in 720p HD you will not regret it!

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15 Comments on “Pokemon Dark Rising – Episode 15 ROM HACK GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH”

  1. Thank you Alfred Ng!!!! I remember checking that out but that was awhile ago and I forgot about it and there are no reminders to go back for it. Thanks so much I was completely stuck. Alfred Ng For the win!!!!

  2. there's a glitch, give Gary the stone at where the goons said they stole may, then bo back to the pokecenter and give them emerald, also when you beat yu-goh and they ask you to go bac, say no

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