POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON ONLINE MMORPG! – Pokemon Mystery Universe (Pokemon MMO!)

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POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON ONLINE MMORPG! – Pokemon Mystery Universe (Pokemon MMO!)
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POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON ONLINE MMORPG! – Pokemon Mystery Universe (Pokemon MMO!)

36 Comments on “POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON ONLINE MMORPG! – Pokemon Mystery Universe (Pokemon MMO!)”

  1. No Partner, no Tear Jerker trope, litte to no story and poor writing, gameplay is actually nothing like Mystery Dungeon at all it's an mmo made for the sake of being an mmo. This is an insult to the PMD series.

  2. Heyo, this is a super out of date comment. I'm someone that used to work on the game. The coding of the engine hasn't changed in 7 or so years and is based on an old MMO maker, and it's very bugged and limited. The present team doesn't know how to access or change it safely since the main coder abandoned the project in a bit of a rage several years ago. It's still being worked on, but progress is going to be limited. What you see is what you get.

    It's over 10 years old at this point, but I doubt it's going to get much better.

  3. I love this channel, idk why as I’m an adult but I often stream your channel for hours in the background while I work, keep it up! I love all rom and fan and original Pokémon games

  4. I'm glad this game is finally getting the attention it deserves. I used to play back in the day and when it goes back online I will definately be playing again. This game need more new players.

  5. Hi! I've been a fan of PMU since quite some time and even spent many years playing it. I know a good handful of people in it, including some of the staff members very closely. I am glad to see somebody playing the game, as I have very fond memories of it. Really awesome video! ´v`)

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