Pokemon Sky Twilight Part 2 NEW MEGA EVOLUTION! GBA Rom Hack Gameplay Walkthrough

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Pokemon Sky Twilight GBA Rom Hack Gameplay Walkthrough
Pokemon Sky Twilight – https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=406017

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  1. So I've been playing this room hack and it's kinda dark … All the location names are named after atrocities, Columbine massacre, the burning of Haven the first victim of the green river killer Heather Forrest….

  2. Voltsy, if you want HM cut you must go to amaryliss dessert over there you will find a temple and inside the temple there was a scientist that you have to fight to get HM cut

  3. By the way if you end up catching a ralts It’s not a good idea to use teleport Your game starts glitching out unless it’s just my rom files idk But it won’t take you to the last Poké center you healed at it takes you somewhere else’s

  4. Hey Voltsy I Need To Tell You Something. At Victory Road There Is An Invisible Wall You Can't Go Through So You Have To Use The Walk Through Wall Cheat To Get Through Nothing Bad Will Happen If You Used The WTW Cheat.

  5. Sky Twilight is an amazing hack but just be warned there's some kind of bug or glitch where you can't fully get through Victory Road. To my knowledge the creator has yet to fix it since he hasn't said anything about it on the PC forums yet.

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