Pokemon Sword and Shield Update, Crank Game Console, Sony Says Future is Streaming – NYM Recap

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Update, Crank Game Console, Sony Says Future is Streaming – NYM Recap – Today’s News Stories consist of some Pokemon News, Amazon Employees playing games, and some new game releases all in this episode of the News You Missed Recap.

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Citations For Today’s Video –

Team Sonic Racing – Switch vs. PS4 graphics and load time comparison

CoroCoro To Share “Latest Information” On Pokémon Sword And Shield Next Month

Every Johto Pokémon Is Getting Its Own Plushie

The Sims 4 Is Free Right Now, So Here Are The 4 Most Essential Expansions

The Real-World Final Fantasy XIV Wedding Plan Sure Is Incredible

Here’s A Final Fantasy VII Remaster You Can Play Right Now

Riot Games To Make Mobile Version of League Of Legends With Tencent

Mario Kart Tour Is Pretty Good When It’s Not Nickel And Diming You

Nintendo Is Reportedly Toning Down Micro-Transactions In Its Mobile Games

The People Who Published Firewatch Are Now Making A Game Console With, Uh, A Crank

THQ Nordic Is Teasing Two Unannounced Games That Will Be Revealed At E3 2019
THQ Nordic Is Teasing Two Unannounced Games That Will Be Revealed At E3 2019

Report: Amazon Uses Games To Keep Warehouse Workers Engaged

Bungie Is Nerfing Destiny 2’s Best Guns, And Players Aren’t Pleased

PlayStation Boss Believes The Streaming Era Is About To Experience Rapid Growth

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