Pokemon Sword and Shield Update, Crank Game Console, Sony Says Future is Streaming – NYM Recap

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Update, Crank Game Console, Sony Says Future is Streaming – NYM Recap – Today’s News Stories consist of some Pokemon News, Amazon Employees playing games, and some new game releases all in this episode of the News You Missed Recap.

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Citations For Today’s Video –

Team Sonic Racing – Switch vs. PS4 graphics and load time comparison

CoroCoro To Share “Latest Information” On Pokémon Sword And Shield Next Month

Every Johto Pokémon Is Getting Its Own Plushie

The Sims 4 Is Free Right Now, So Here Are The 4 Most Essential Expansions

The Real-World Final Fantasy XIV Wedding Plan Sure Is Incredible

Here’s A Final Fantasy VII Remaster You Can Play Right Now

Riot Games To Make Mobile Version of League Of Legends With Tencent

Mario Kart Tour Is Pretty Good When It’s Not Nickel And Diming You

Nintendo Is Reportedly Toning Down Micro-Transactions In Its Mobile Games

The People Who Published Firewatch Are Now Making A Game Console With, Uh, A Crank

THQ Nordic Is Teasing Two Unannounced Games That Will Be Revealed At E3 2019
THQ Nordic Is Teasing Two Unannounced Games That Will Be Revealed At E3 2019

Report: Amazon Uses Games To Keep Warehouse Workers Engaged

Bungie Is Nerfing Destiny 2’s Best Guns, And Players Aren’t Pleased

PlayStation Boss Believes The Streaming Era Is About To Experience Rapid Growth

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33 Comments on “Pokemon Sword and Shield Update, Crank Game Console, Sony Says Future is Streaming – NYM Recap”

  1. 0:23 Sonic Team Racing Comparison
    1:07 Pokemon Sword and Shield Update
    1:25 Johto Pokemon Plushies
    1:47 The Sims 4 is free
    2:35 FFXIV Wedding
    3:23 Final Fantasy VII Remake with HD Updates
    4:00 Riot Games Making Mobile League of Legends
    4:13 Mario Kart Tour has a large amount of MicroTransactions
    6:13 New Crank Console
    7:16 Epic Game Store Banning People for Buying too Many Games?
    8:15 Amazon Employees Play Games at Work?
    8:58 Destiny 2's Best Weapons are Being Nerfed
    11:03 Sony CEO Claims Streaming Will Be The Future

  2. I believe what Proto has to say about streaming, being in a rural area has it's disadvantages and my town will be one of the last in America to get this special wiring that makes the internet unbelievably fast.

  3. I just hope these new pokémon games step it up, I want to be challenged. Sooner or later their going have to grow up and stop playing it safe and childish. I know kid stuff is super profitable but their original and strongest fan base is comprised of adults and the cutesy hand holding needs to stop at some point. And, OMFG, PLEASE no more go integration!!!! Pokémon has the potential to be so much more than it is now. Nobody was impressed by that sword and shield trailer. That did not look like a game on the Switch. If they were gonna go that route, they should've stayed on the 3ds. There were no apparent changes graphically compared to sun & moon and no attention to detail at all, just alot of bloom affect and a hideous filter. I really hope that the next trailer displays updated graphics. That couldn't have been the finalized product, the shadows tell it all. If they don't get serious and start taking some risks and taking their hardcore fans advice, their entire franchise is gonna take a shit eventually because "nostalgia" can't get them by forever. All that crap they have their social media department doing on a daily basis and I bet they don't have one person to analyze the fan base. That's why they always have their comments disabled. They've been playing around for too long now, I've noticed absolutely no progression in pokémon since gen 6. Lately, it's been very hard (for me, personally) to maintain being a fan of pokémon. I'm very unimpressed. Their movies are crap, their games are lacking, everything that they pinch out of their assholes is lackluster, lately. Mewtwo strikes back EVOLUUUUTION does not need to exist at all. They are unable to make a game with a lifespan longer than a year, due to a lack of content and drive. If they cared more about the creative aspect of things and if they were motivated by customer satisfaction and not money, they would achieve greater long-term success. But the detective pikachu directors response to the Sonic movie changes and gamefreak's decision to give priority to "original" titles and put pokémon on the backburner, (as if pokémon isn't their original and highest grossing franchise), tells me that they don't care about their fans or the product. The only thing they care about is how much crap they can push out each year to make the most money they can in the fastest and cheapest way possible. They are a money driven corporation, who throw quality and real fan service out the window.

  4. 1. Sonic team racing, to me a game like that is a competitor to Mario kart and I already have that game on switch.
    2. Coro Coro pokemon sword and shield news coming? Hope to see more pokemon stuff this coming E3 so want to see my gameboy advance pokemon make it onto the Nintendo switch but I do need to do a lot of trading, but already have plenty of pokemon in the pokemon bank on 3ds.
    3. A new plushie for every johto pokemon, they keep remaking those plushies since I know that we already have at least 1 plushie per pokemon for the entire national dex.
    4. Sims, not interested in those titles as I was when I was a kid, but now it seems like they are simply delaying the inevitable fact of the game being simply made for profit making purposes rather then for us enjoying the game, of course EA is involved in those titles.
    5. A Wedding with a theme like final fantasy? Looks like wealthy fans really showing off with the way they do things for being fans to a game.
    6. Final Fantasy 7 being remade for switch, but someone made a better graphics mod for PC? Should I start playing the final fantasy series, do I need to play them in order to better understand the story?
    7. Nintendo reducing microtransactions in its mobile series of games? Nintendo is really trying to show people that they care about the experience and not blindly paying money to just get a little enjoyment before suffering.
    8. A "console" with a crank? There is always those kinds of single titles consoles that use old technology to do something interesting such as the crank being used to change the time of the game or something similar. Ever since Nintendo game and watch similar things continued to appear.
    9. Mobile league of legends? Not into the series myself.
    10. Not sure why epic games limit the number of titles you can buy at once, I know they have a limited number of titles to the point where if someone willing to shell out the cash, could buy all their titles. They are giving me a free title once a week.
    11. Amazon employees to be allowed to play some games at work as a reward? That is good to hear among those talks about low income and hard work in there.
    12. Destiny 2 best weapons being nerfed? I don't like those developers who constantly take away our fun and make games difficult. grindy, and as unfun as going up against a lynel in breath of the wild with only 3 hearts and only a few weak weapons found on the great plateau. Put difficulty options as such:
    Play for the story: easy more emphasis on the story than in game combat. (most casual players use this mode)
    Normal: The usual developer intended gameplay. (When really into a title and needing to go into the higher difficulty)
    Hardcore: for hardcore gamers and those who go into tournaments. (When practicing for online play to take advantage of better playing ai and other difficulty increases)
    13. Sony CEO claims streaming will be in the future? We don't know what is going to happen in the future, but today internet in the US is in need of upgrade and they are working on such upgrade, but AT&T loves to push their u-verse tv product onto us to the point where bundling tv cost less than just getting internet.

  5. My opinion of real world video game weddings….
    Just as weird & pathetic as that guy marrying that dancing game girl. In short, just don't.
    Nintendo will stop microtransactions when Hillary Clinton goes to jail for her crimes or the day people stop putting gender politics in video games.

  6. My take of Videogame inspired weddings, "fun"♡. More power to the couple if they both love a fandom, had the funds to make their wedding theme off their favorite video game. My wedding had a celestial theme, we did include a few videogame touches though, we cut our wedding cake with a miniature Master Sword (Legend of Zelda) and our first dance was 'Eyes on Me' from Final Fantasy 8

  7. Heyyy, awesome thanks for letting me know about Sims, been wanting thaty one for a while. Btw you have to add it to your cart first otherwise you can't download it without paying.

  8. Video game weddings are cool, but I feel like they are really awesome like the one covered in this video or really bad . That crank game console seems like it'd be fun to play as a one off thing. Be interesting to see someone speed run it lol.

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