PS4 Crossplay – PS4 FREE DLC – Sony Fined Two Million – Netflix Price Increase "Gaming News"

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PlayStation Gaming News & more! PS4 Cross Platform Crossplay comes to rocket league 2019, – Sony Fined Two Million euros for missleading ps4 console box art, Netflix price hike on Streaming service Price Increase, Team Sonic Racing new characters revealed, Battlefield 5 free dlc part 2! SwitchBlade PS4 gameplay. “Gaming News” SUPPORT ME ON Become a Member:
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30 Comments on “PS4 Crossplay – PS4 FREE DLC – Sony Fined Two Million – Netflix Price Increase "Gaming News"”

  1. The goddamn and stupid gypsy Italians, even the birds at the branch know that you need ps plus subscriptions for online gambling, are lazy to make money and then go for a lawsuit easier to make money, I would also have to sue the Sony Playstation because I bought hundreds of digital games and keeps pushing me out at some bugs I can not play.

  2. Yeah, thanks for gouging people even more for Ultra HD Netflix, ya rat bastards. So that they can make more original content of highly varying quality, awesome. There's a breaking point for me, around the 20 dollar range. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'll just pirate their good shows if they keep it up, I don't give a shit.

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