PUBG Dev Blog : Vehicle Sound Recording

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PUBG Dev Blog : Vehicle Sound Recording

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  1. Wow what a big waste of money. Renting that room probably cost a fucking lot. Its just completely overkill. Recording a car upclose in a very open space wouldnt probably sound a lot different, because you wouldnt be able to hear the reverb in the open space if you record a loud car upclose. They just want to show off and seem professional even though their sounddesign team ( and correct me if im wrong, because im not sure if they have professional sounddesigner) does a terrible job at literally everything.

  2. Well,i don t know what Dacia you took for recording,because that doesn t sound anything like the real thing.I m from Romania and these things have a different sound note.I think you have the Renault version of it.

  3. Battleground freeze in the black screen with the logo before the start of a game, the only way to use the PC after the bug is to restart it. I pay 30 euro for this fucking game and i can't play when I want.

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