PUBG PS4 RELEASE DATE Will Happen When Xbox One Exclusivity Ends

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The PlayStation 4 version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still on the table but will take some time before eventually seeing the light of day.

Speaking with Inven Global in a recent interview, PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim stated that the final goal is to release the game on every major platform. When it comes to Sony, there are certain obstacles that must be addressed before moving forward.

It should firstly be understood that PUBG will remain as an exclusive console game for Xbox One for as long as Microsoft desires. This opens up speculation over the exclusivity period that the company has paid for and if it is interested in extending the agreement in the future.
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35 Comments on “PUBG PS4 RELEASE DATE Will Happen When Xbox One Exclusivity Ends”

  1. I play pubg on pc and Xbox but want it to come to ps4 because I seriously have no friends on anywhere but ps4 so if you wanna be my friend on any hit me up plz wanna squad that dissent kill me bc I'm a random

  2. No its onviously not coming to ps4 it on MOBILE sadly but not ps4 so if its not on ps4 now it wont be ever. I wish game devs would stop with the exclusivity bullshit and not allowing cross play. Its fucking bs. But thats what we get for wanting a quality game.

  3. not really i would't want to play PUBG anymore due to the waiting and waiting. if its not coming out this year im not gonna worry about it no one will BO4 Battle Royal, Battle Field coming out to. No one would really be focusing on PUBG anymore. i know i wont

  4. How would they lose exclusive right when they have acquired the studio that makes pubg so the studio is now and Microsoft studio now so sorry to tell u guys pubg will not be coming to ps4 no matter what u think Microsoft owns pubg now

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