PUBG UPDATES, BLIZZARD'S BAN HAMMER, GARRY'S MOD 2? – Your Gaming Weekly: Week 1 | 9/6 – 9/13 2017

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Hey guys welcome to the first episode of Your Gaming Weekly for September 6th 2017 through September 13th 2017. This is the first episode of this series so please let me know what you think as well as let me know if I should change anything. Thank you!


Link to script:


PUBG 1,000,000 players:
PUBG Botting:
PUBG Mini-14 (New Gun):
PUBG Update release date:
Blizzard Bans:
LA Noire VR:
TPCast VR:
Scorn Gameplay-Trailer:
Scorn Teaser-Trailer:
Darkest Dungeons Shield-Breaker:
Friday the 13th Spring Break Pack:
Gears of war 4 update:
Gears of war 4 update trailer:
Miiverse shutting down:
Mii-verse Nintendo official tweet:
Dead Rising 4 Package:
Skullgirls hits 1,000,000:
New Bethesda game?!:
Jk lol:
Garry’s Mod 2:
South Park Fractured Difficulty Setting:
South Park Censorship:
Stick of Truth Censored:
Rainbow Six Siege DLC Trailer:

Hunie Sakura Bundle:
Monster Hunter Stories:
Destiny 2:
NHL 18:
NASCAR Heat 2:
PES 2018:
SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash:
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA – “Mysteries of the Isle” –
Divinity: Original Sin 2:
Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider:
Metroid: Samus Returns:
NBA 2K18:

Music Used:
Ratchet Clank – Metropolis Theme
Wii Shopping Channel Remix – Nicky Flowers
Deadly Premonition OST- Life is Beautiful
Hotline Miami 2 OST Mitch Murder – Hollywood Heights

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