PUBG Xbox is Getting Better – Crashes, FPS and More (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)

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48 Comments on “PUBG Xbox is Getting Better – Crashes, FPS and More (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)”

  1. Is this gameplay recorded on Xbox One or Xbox One X.. I'm asking because I want to buy this game and I will for sure if it runs and looks as it appears in the video. I don't own Xbox One X, just the normal version of the console. Can anyone tell me if it runs the same on Xbox One?

  2. That first clip is a perfect example of why this game is dog poo. This game is not for casual gamers. Because of the terrible gun fight mechanics it’s impossible to master unless you play this game 24/7.

  3. You said you have a Xbox one x with an ssd. Is it external or did you put in an internal one in? I have a Xbox one x and PUBG runs pretty good on it. Do you notice much benefits from using the ssd with PUBG? Thanks for your time.

  4. The ending happened to me and a bro the other day. 2 v 1 so we were running around. I kept getting shot when I would go to an area. But there was no one there. He eventually killed my friend and then my friend could see him under the mountain. I tried the first aid trick at the end. But somehow he still outlasted me…

  5. do you know why this end game glitch happens? its a bug in the vaulting animation. It teleports the person off the map, immune to the gas and if they dont exit the game, they WILL get the chicken dinner. Pubg released this in a forum post.

  6. I'm always getting my settings reset, but it never tells me that I need to update. Am not sure I heard they are doing weekly updates or something, but I don't see any changes or feel any difference in performance. Is this actually considered a update?

  7. Gunna give them another 3 months to fix bullet reg and frame rate since they done a good job on the crashing but I can't be coping with hitting nearly every shot and someone can sponge it and then I get 2 shotted in my little finger… like it's beyond a joke I have boss aim aswell top 10 squads with 27% hs hits and 8k kills in 1,300 games

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