PUBG Xbox / PS4 Advanced Sniper Tips – Become a Deadly Sniper!

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Check out my top advanced tips for sniping in PUBG on Xbox and PS4! Sniping in PUBG is definitely difficult to master, but these tips will help you on your way to becoming a deadly sniper! Thanks for watching πŸ™‚

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29 Comments on “PUBG Xbox / PS4 Advanced Sniper Tips – Become a Deadly Sniper!”

  1. Found this channel recently as my interest in PUBG increases on Xbox as my 2nd go to game away from Project Cars 2.

    I love these tips and tricks and find all your videos really useful.

    I do however notice you after run with an AKM with a Halo sight as your secondary to a sniper rifle.

    Do you prefer this due to the bullet size rather than using a G36 or the M416?

  2. Okay, so I've been playing since 3 months before game preview ended, and I'm still in between a noob and a casual. I usually get 1-5 kills per match, and the most I've ever got in one match is 10 kills. So I am an experienced player because I've been playing almost every day available since I first got the game, but I don't play like I'm experienced…

  3. I bought an xbox to play this hence with joysticks I'm thumb dumb. I'm crap a close quarter but love the k98 struggling to get out of 39% head shots into 40% this season. That said it's an improvement on last season.

  4. I play pubgm and have been for a while now. I have to say my all time favorite set up is the sks with a compensator, light grip, extended mag and cheek pad( i used to prefer the slr but the sks with all atachments is insane) with any bolt action. I use the sks for the harder shots under 250 meters and will have a red dot, 2x, 3x for the closer range battles.. & i use the bolt action for any easy headshots and shots 250+ meters. Ever since i discovered how op the sks is iin the right hands with the right set up i just cant go a match without trying to find it… anyway purchasing a ps4 pro soonn and i gotta know if this will be a viable option for me still?

  5. Amazing tips thanks yeah one request, make a video on how to spot like where you got shot from or spot enemies guessing n all, appreciate bro πŸ˜€

  6. Been playing since launch on Xbox. I’m an amazing sniper and just wanted to see if I could learn anything. Also the crossbow one shots level three helmets. ❀️ Subscribed.

  7. hey dude first of all i love your vids πŸ™‚
    to the video:
    i prefer the SLR over the snipers, just because you can shoot faster, its more likely you get a silencer and you have still a great damage output

    but i got some specific and some generl questions to the game:
    – do you prefer the red dot or the holo? in a lot of clips you play the holo (for the extra zoom or just because you didnt found a red dot?
    – what do you think about the new Type C in the controller settings? I think its a bit weird because when you wanna lean you have to get off from LT or RT
    – because your playing only third person i would say you life in the EU, do you miss the option to play first person? Do you think it will come back? Dont wanna play on the NA servers…
    – I dont think in the next 2 years something like "pubg 2" is gonna come out, you think we get a "new version" for the new xbox next year? could be a big step up for the game

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