PUBG XBOX – THE JIG IS UP! (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

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35 Comments on “PUBG XBOX – THE JIG IS UP! (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)”

  1. Been giving this shithole of a game too much benefit of the doubt for far, far too long now. So totally finished with pathetic camping little bitches. There seems to be only a few styles of gameplay that can be applied to this game, and they all involve camping. Squads seem so much better, can see the attraction in people having a lot of fun with their buddies. Due to work schedules that aint an option for me, so solo it can only be. In fact, this game simply encourages camping with the shitty terrains. Hit registration is still pathetic, level 3 armour getting cut through like butter with 9mm/5.56mm weapons. I've ploughed on for months hoping this game would get better, with some players hopefully dragging their sorry arse up out the grass and actually play some. But it's simply flatlined, reached the dizzy height of shittiness it will ever get to. Still enjoy the vids and watching the pro players do their thing, but I have to uninstall before it turns me absolutely fucking mental. Need to get back to actually enjoying games, this is just a chore. Good luck to all who stick this shit out and plough on, it's over 'n out for me. Later peeps

  2. Decent player, plays with my kind of style, I like your videos and connotation and Charisma, I don't like that you play in girly girl Fantasyland third person

    Virtual reality comes out it won't be called virtual fantasy it'll be still called virtual reality
    Cough cough

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