Rage 2 – Before You Buy

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Rage 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest idSoftware shooter. Does this open world post apocalyptic FPS do enough to stand out? Let’s talk.
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27 Comments on “Rage 2 – Before You Buy”

  1. Dude I LOVED the first Rage! I've been saying they should've made a sequel for years now and all of a sudden people are realizing how damn good this game is lol. Now if only they made a Sunset Overdrive 2…..

  2. By far the worst thing about the game is the ex-gen graphics/textures – both in general and on character models; and animations. Eg talking npc's mouth not moving with voice, movements whilst talking not realistic (very common repeated hand actions for eg). Basically really disappointing and somewhat 15 years out of date. Which is a shame considering the general fun factor and styling of the game. Gameplay is fine, which is what makes that so much more frustrating

  3. As solo player I LOVE Rage 2!! It's like single player Destiny – amazing gunplay, huge world, plenty of areas to explore, world bosses, upgrades to collect etc.
    Loved the first one, love this one!

  4. It's awesome…so glad this game was made. The first rage led me to fallout so I always remembered it as being more shooter loiter and Fallout was rpg…anyway…Rage 2 is awesome

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