Review of the x scorch 360 for xbox 360 and pc part 1

1600 dpi works on xbox and pc fully mappable buttons

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  1. @MrJdizzy858 what @JR1994997 said..and also the scorch is pretty shit compared to the xim3 btw just so you know..i own both and the xim3 is excellent it is 1:1 movement it is as close as you can possibly get to playing on pc if i get enough requests ill make a review of it

  2. @DmdWasserTanzt idk where you get ur info sir but xim3 requires no pc..xim2 did but 3 does not..and also its not that expensive compared to how much the xim2 was..xim 2 was 250..xim3 is only 150

  3. @bygerhard88 well an aimon is a great choice i think they are only 60 and they are way better then the xfps products and as a + you can use it as a pc mouse..if i was you id get either an xim 1 or a aimon 360 if u have anymore questions or your would like me to do a video explaining something just let me know

  4. @bygerhard88 the aimon is the same thing as the scorch..tuact even handles the support for xscorch now lol..but idk man..because xim3 is going to be sooo much better..but if you get it set up right..and your patient it can be very awesome..however i dont use mine..the reason is because it doesnt support if u wanna talk to ur team or friends ur shit out of luck..xim3 wont have that problem

  5. @bygerhard88 because neither xfps or scorch really have a deazone adjustment..xim1 is VERY VERY close to playing on a pc..xscorch is alot like playing on pc but the micro movement still suffers alittle thing to keep in mind is bannco is no longer bannco they are now Tuact and they now sell the same mouse labled AIMON 360..the thing about the xscorch that i love is a gaming mouse with 4 extra buttons and on the fly dpi adjustment..with xps live u have to buy a mouse or use ur own

  6. @bygerhard88 ok well dude the xim3 is out now..they are making another batch right now i think they are sold out sorry i cant understand your English perfectly lol..but as far as the xfps live goes im not very sure on how it is..because the last time i watched videos for it was before i got my xscortch..however keep in mind for the xfps live you have to have ur pc near by much like the xim2 and xim1..Personally ive never used xim1 but it is better then both the xscorch and the xfps line..

  7. @enzRHD its in the firmware update tool there will be a option that says rf settings if that doesnt work try a longer usb cable whenever i play with mine i put the dongle right next to my play surface

  8. @MyMisteryMe there is no lag at all…like literally and umm..its not JUST like playing on pc cause u gotta understand the games where designed to be played with a controller….but if u tweak the settings u can get it pretty damn close..however i would wait for XIM3 if i where u because u can use ur own keyboard and mouse and it has deadzone support and what is called smart translators they make it almost identical to pc go to xim360 dot com

  9. @I9IIEIIYIIEIIS yeah man ur thinking of xim2 it requires pc..they are out of production u cant get them anymore but xim3 is coming out and it requires no pc all u have to do plug it up and plug up ur own keyboard and mouse..see im planing on getting xim3 and im gonna use my xscorch on it cause xim3 is that much better..its got smart translators and shit that make it Just like playing on pc it will be out in a cpl months

  10. @I9IIEIIYIIEIIS no u dont have to be connected to a PC u just have to use a pc to update the firmware..also they are no longer bannco.the company is now named tuact they have the same controllers just different names lol and umm if you wait about a month or two XIM3 will be out and it will be Exactly like playing on a pc google xim360 and u will find there site and ull be able to read about what makes there product so good

  11. @pjewk there are 8 dead zone settings they call it a dead zone but its actually just a combo of sensitivity increase and acceleration to help eliminate dead zones and problems with micro movement..i find that what works the best most of the time is F setting on 3-4 and deadzone on 2-3 but just try different combos to find out what works for you..hope this helps man

  12. @pjewk np man just let me know if u need anymore help also remember a good setting for like call of duty is in game 10 and on your mouse hold down the F button and scroll ur wheel forward till your camera starts to spin slightly at that point is what we call F 1 and as u roll it forward more u will notice the slight increase in speeds as u do it and basicly the best setting normally is to go to the 3rd or 4th speed change then for dead zone u press F and click the wheel to the right there are 8

  13. @ENDVash Thanks for the fast reply!! I updatet to the latest firmware and changed the RF..nothing works becides the defaults…i will test the usb extension cable 🙂 and also look at the -tauct dot com-..maybe then ill gain mor iQ 🙂 the sens settings in game is not a problem..i took the day off from work just to test this….nothing is easy 😀

  14. @pjewk but trust me man it is good if you set it up right it just takes i mentioned in the review…u cant just take it out of the box and say ok lets play a game..u have to set the sensitivity on the mouse change ur in game sensitivity download the new firmware and change ur rf settings to your liking

  15. @pjewk well dude you need to go and download the new firmware first of all..and as i mentioned in the review you should have a usb extension cable so u can put the dongle right beside of you because there is alot of rf interference if you dont..go to the new forums they are no longer bannco they are tuact go to tuact dot com and look on the fourms or email support they will explain to you how to set it up..or if ud like i can make a vid showing u

  16. @ENDVash hmm ok…ive bought the product, ive played like 5 hours with it. It looses its connection, and its laggy. Some milliseconds slow. Im a former pc fps freak and i dont want slow turns! So when i play the mouse just dies and i have to "reconnect" during this manouver i get fragged i and i almost took a dump on the mouse man! damn…

  17. @pjewk alright man well xim 3 comes out sometime early next year u might wanna wait for that cause it is going to be truely like playing on pc..btw the company isnt bannco anymore it is tuact bannco got into a lawsuit over some bullshit..bascily splitfish the company that makes mice for ps3 hired the same company in japan or something to develop there firmware… splitfish being dicks decided they would sue bannco..just becasue banncos products are better basicly

  18. @w4tch0ut83 u can get use to it man if you go on the bannco forums and read some posts about just takes getting use to cause when u use it zoomed in with a sniper u dont wanna make small movements cause its not gonna be as sensitivy as it would be on pc so u gotta actually move it a long distance over ur mouse pad to get somebody in the corner of ur screen u jusg have to adapt to the sensitivity cause u cant choose ur scoped in sensitivity if you could itd change everything

  19. @w4tch0ut83 the buttons are completely remapable via the config software on there website everything except the left click and the two analog sticks can be remapped idk maybe the left click can be i think they just assume no one wnats to re assign the left..and the sticks would be nice to be able to switch for rts games but sadly you cant..but yeah if thats ur only concern you can definitely map L2 to your right click .let me know if u have any other questions

  20. @ENDVash Is it too slow for sniping even in Halo: Reach? Cuz that's the main game I want to play with it, I play the rest of the games on PC so.
    I've looked into the XIM but it seems to cost alot more and as I mentioned, I just want it to play decent in Halo: Reach! 😛 (I suck at halo with a controller XD)
    And also, I'm wondering if u can use the live chat with ur headset connected to the regular controller or if u have to buy a wireless? 🙂 Thanks for the fast answer btw. 🙂

  21. @Daaefen cause otherwise its just to slow For sniping..but yeah man its a great product..but you might wanna wait for the xim3 cause it will be so damn close to playing on a pc because of the smart translators..and if you dont know what that is search xim3 demonstration on youtube..or go to xim360 dot com hope this helps man

  22. @Daaefen well man if ur playing anything except with a sniper then yes..the micromovement with the sniper is just odd man…u can learn to snipe with it but because of the way its made it just doesnt work that well..cause when u zoom in ur sensitivity goes down..its not like u can select zoomed in speed and zoomed out speed so it kinda fucks you the only way i think u could snipe properly with it is if u cranked ur sensitivity all the way up and cranked the F speed on the mouse up as well

  23. @Pearcyyx i use turtle beach earforce x1s but the thing is you cant use a mic when you use the xscorch…also bannco the company who makes them just got into a lawsuit…they where suppose to come out with mic support but now they cant make any new firmware because they stole there firmware from a company called split fish that makes mouse controllers for ps3…soo unless they come up with original firmware..witch i doubt..bannco is dead so i dont advise getting one of these now

  24. @ENDVash I`ve had my scorch mouse for a month now and I love it.As you quite rightly pointed out I have more control with the wrist instead of the thumb.I also noticed you have the dongle next to the mouse which cuts down on RF interference but also I have the latest firmware 2.01 which gives even more sensitivity options like moving the mouse wheel left and right as well as up and down when the Z key is held.BTW,good review and keep shooting

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