Review: Otomedius Excellent (Xbox 360)

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Croooow’s Review Thing (Review #12)
Otomedius Excellent (Xbox 360)

I’d like to thank MetalJesusRocks for making me aware of this game.
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Otomedius Excellent is published and developed by Konami.

32 Comments on “Review: Otomedius Excellent (Xbox 360)”

  1. gradius gradius gradius… Problem is that this game doesn't stand up to the exquisit art direction and level design of gradius 5 . The enemies and levels and overall visual aesthetic and atmospheric presence and mood which #5 manages to conjure are far superior to otomedius excellent–(actually few games of any genre can match the scope and enormity of gradius 5's gameplay environment. the gameplay . The pillow case is awesome, but other than that there's not much in OE to make it worth your time.

  2. The power-ups you lose when you die is pretty much a Gradius staple: if you play the games, you'll have similar circumstances where you die in a pitched fight, lose all power-ups and struggle to get back into your stride. Bosses leaving after a time was another thing that was on Gradius V (though I haven't had that happen to me yet.I either kill the boss or die quickish xD). I think I'll pick this up someday. it does look fun. 😀

  3. Hi there. Would you please post a video where you just flip thru all items in the menu, options, etc? The XBOX USA version of this game is region locked to US/Canada, but I have an NTSC-J (Asian) Xbox, so I got it from XBOX Live Singapore instead.

    The problem is that everything is in Japanese which I can't read. If I can see the items in an English game then I should be able to figure out which goes where. 🙂

    Much appreciated. 🙂

  4. Okay, I suck at Gradius, but I love the series. I have NEVER beat a Gradius game, so the unlimited continues to me are awesome, just so I can finally play through one of these games.

  5. @MetalJesusRocks lol… I know. Most of the time when I turn on the 360 I notice there's at least one person playing Skyrim in my friends list.

    I think I got all the Achievements I'm going to get with the game. I think it's very unlikely I'll get over 10,000,000 points or collect all the weapon card.

  6. @Korszca I knew some of that stuff was standard in the Gradius series, but I tried to not reference other Gradius games so much in the review just because I wasn't sure how much of it was.

    I knew about some weapon cards only being available in higher loops, but I was trying not to go into a great deal of detail in the video.

  7. @dboyneo I'm no master at this game by any means, but even if I did find it easy, there's always the Score Attack mode where the game gets harder with each game pass. Irregardless, I find the game a blast to play.

  8. @Polaventris I did sometimes have an issue with the background interfering with the action, but I found that it mostly depended on the weapons you equipped yourself with and after a while it stopped bothering me which is why I never mentioned it.

  9. Man, you did an EXCELLENT job reviewing this game! Unfortunately I have been really distracted with other stuff **coughSKYRIMcough**, but I noticed you are kickin' ass with the achievements, and I want to get back into the game! Thanks for the mention in the video too. You Rock!

  10. All your gripes with the game are things that have always been around in Gradius, like bosses timing out and being unable to recover from a death. When Konami said it was based on Gradius, they were serious about that. Everything that makes Gradius is in Otomedius X.
    Also, playing Muliplay by yourself is a conscious design choice, since some weapon cards are only available on higher loops and Story Mode is only loop 1.

  11. I got rid of this game i was dissapointed with it. What bothered me was the boss fights gave me no challange thats the only thing. Just to easy but yet you die so much.

  12. Awesome review man! The game looks like fun, I've never heard about it before!
    Weird how bosses will just leave when you don't kill them fast enough. That's even worst of an insult than being killed by one!

    Love the way you say Parodius :D.

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