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Defunct Games reviews Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut by Blue Wizard Digital, available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. (Also available on Steam and iOS.)

Normally when I play games, I have an easy time nailing down the design decisions that annoy me. That’s not the case here. For what it’s trying to do, Slayaway Camp gets almost nothing wrong. Sure, you could argue that the game gets a little repetitive and the levels starts to blur together after a while, but the new settings and obstacles go a long way to keep the experience fresh. I can imagine people who don’t like cheesy horror films or puzzles games not liking this as much as me, but I had a killer time.

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  1. Slasher film – the Jason when he punches guys head off into a garbage bin lol and this game looks great . Quick simple puzzle game with lots of levels and strategy involved. Don't know why but I reaaaaally wanna play this 😛

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