Roblox – 6 Codes for Unboxing Simulator! [1 hour with Bloby890]

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In this episode of Roblox Unboxing Simulator, Bloby890 and I head off into the simulator game to play and reveal some codes. Along the way, we spend some Robux, have some laughs, and discover new secrets and new areas. Thanks for watching! Love you all! 😀 #Codes #Unboxing #Simulator #Roblox

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22 Comments on “Roblox – 6 Codes for Unboxing Simulator! [1 hour with Bloby890]”

  1. This was way too frustrating to watch all the way through. Just open up small boxes and buy an axe then build your way up. Honestly I've only played this game a few days and have over 2 billion coins. No robux. It's not that hard lol.
    ETA: There's no need to have your own server on this game. Other people can help you open the large boxes and you each get paid the same amount.

  2. Good video :D, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your content, it really is amazing. You turn my bad days into good days and without you I wouldn’t know where I’d be now. Keep up the great work man. Ily 🙂

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