Saints Row: The Third Switch Review – Who Needs Grand Theft Auto?

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Saints Row: The Third is releasing on the Nintendo Switch May 10th. Our copy arrived early so here is our in depth review to see if it will scratch that GTA itch! Purchase below!

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37 Comments on “Saints Row: The Third Switch Review – Who Needs Grand Theft Auto?”

  1. Totally disagree that people are more sensitive now…the reviewer is falling for right wing bullshit.

    Remember everyone kicking off about the latest senran game?

    No….me neither.

  2. Im glad in not the only one who doesnt like the aiming controls. Game is good but its so dam hard to aim with the joycon. Either give us aim assist or Gyro. I only play with my pro controller at the moment.

  3. Saints Row 3> San Andreas>GTA 5> GTA4 > sr2 the mediocre san andreas clone.
    Saints Row The Third is what the GTA series should have became. Saints Row 4 is great too.

  4. Honestly I never thought of this as gta. I know it's a clone but its willing to do things and cross lines that gta is just not. I dont agree with the gyroscope desire though, honestly I like to move my controller when I play and it is always annoying for me, would especially be in a shooter. I have always loved saints row it has always gone over the top without that "ghetto" type realism that gta has. Plus it's not afraid to say heres a dildo sword and I dont care what you think about it. It's a breath of fresh air in this time.

  5. I played this on ps3 for the platinum trophie. I don't see the point on the switch im not gaining anything from it total waste of money will be sold after 2days of purchase

  6. Very hard to control – MUST add motion control.

    Bad FPS drops to very low FPS every other part of the game – surely need release a performing patch.

    Lots of textures so low that it's almost like no textures at all. Quality patch for sure will be welcomed!

  7. I preordered it, today it finally started, my girls family from out the country and I’m in here !!! If u adhd it will get u entertained!!! Unlock hella stuff quick! May tenth is finally here wooooooooooo!!!!! It’s a blast!

  8. Oh wow, no gyro controls, that's a total no-go then. Game looks pretty awesome otherwise, but motion controls are 100% a must now on switch. Thanks for the review!

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