Scamming Children By Selling Hacked Pokemon

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Johnny Canal opened a website to sell hacked Pokemon to his young audience. He actively avoids copyright law since what he is doing is in violation of Pokemon and Nintendo’s property. Johnny Canal constantly lies to his audience so he can have more people buy his Pokemon.

Johnny Canal Homebrew
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32 Comments on “Scamming Children By Selling Hacked Pokemon”

  1. only one way to deal with those hacked shiny spammers: boycot any streamer who mass WT's shiny mons and support legitimate shinyhunters or competitive players. but there shall Always be children or lazy bums who cannot hunt their own shinies i'm afraid so they will Always have a crowd to exploit…just the way it is. i only respect people showing off shinies if they caught,bred etc. them themselves and can prove they put in the work to get them. hacking/cheating is for noobs.

  2. Been saying this from the very start. He is also one of many offenders that clog up the GTS with requests. What people should do is create a website that gives Pokemon for FREE and then spam his site and streams advertising it. Hurt him where it will effect him the most; his wallet!

    Essentially Pokemon Piracy and Black Market dealings lol. Giving out pirated Pokemon as prizes for profit (sound familiar to R/B/Y/FR/LG Game Corner?)… literally the real world Team Rocket

  3. I play some pokémon games on emulators who have cheats downloaded in it and by making the cheats on I get free event pokemon with out hacking I think he using cheats to get those pokemon and I am not in his support also I swear

  4. now that i check his channel, i think that he is starting to make less hacked shiny vids cuz he definitely has gotten lots of negative attention considering what he is doing is pretty much illegal…

  5. it turns out my shiny victini originated from the ShinyGTS website… i traded my legitamate shiny mewtwo for it in a link trade! I did nothing wrong though, so i know i won't get in trouble but… its still a little worrying.

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