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A heart-pumping fusion of zombie FPS and erotic dating sim! A sudden pandemic has turned the world into a zombie-infested hellscape. Seek safety with three attractive heroines!

37 Comments on “Seed of the Dead Review (Why Does This Exist?) – Gggmanlives”

  1. I salute you for the sacrifice you have made to inform the world of this… thing, so we may never be tricked into downloading it.
    (looks at the amount of downloads thus far (100,000,001))
    …..-_-….. well shit…

  2. 1) Someone make an actual Chad Thundercock game.
    2) Theres a seed (no pun intended) of an interesting idea here. Like if there were dating sim elements in between stages, and who you ended up with depended on how you treat the girls. Like they could unlock better weapons or abilities based on thier affection.
    Obviously get rid of most if not all the sex and all the rape, and give it good shooting and gameplay.

  3. They should have modded the silly sexual theme to L4D2 and have the best of both world. This just seems like another awful game saved by some hot chicks to lure gamer pseudo-reviews such as "would masturbate again 10/10" kind of crap.

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