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43 Comments on “Sekiro Review Roundup: Critics Love It! – Inside Gaming Daily”

  1. It is not even game of the week.
    Barebone combat, no builds, no coop, shallow game mechanics, no armors/weapons, no customizations, repetitive gameplay, poor performances on PC, super short lifespan, no replayability potential…. A good old "finish and forget" title for kids and batman/ assassin creed fans. FromSoft disgraced themselves looking for sales. Thanks for the paid review…

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  3. Inside gaming best gaming? Jokes aside I don't give a shit about this game and I was able to pay attention and enjoy it because this isn't as shit tier as the the know telling me half life 3 is not coming out.

  4. Ok these guys sound like normal every day gamers who do actually say curse words (sorry soyboys – run to those safe spaces). Hallelujah. Keep this funny off the cuff shit coming. Subbed.

  5. I personally think the areas aren’t as interesting as ds, and the bosses are pretty boring compared to ds. Except for the snake they all seem very similar to each other and don’t really mix it up as much as I woulda liked.

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