Shenmue 3 gameplay trailer – PC Gaming Show 2019

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Shenmue 3 gets another gameplay trailer, this time full of punching and kicking as our hero takes on a band on drunken thugs. Revealed at the PC Gaming Show 2019, Shenmue 3 will also now be an Epic Game Store exclusive.

You can find more details about that here:

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  1. this will be the most pirated game of the year, this game is a classic, people are waiting for it too much time, i finished shenmue 1 and shenmue 2 for dreamcast! XD

  2. this was a bad move. one does not simply build the hype up on steam, see shenmue 1 & 2 hit the steam store, then pull teh rug out from under the backers to hand it over to chinese botware epic games. when you do this to a loyal fanbase, who waited patiently, and supported suzukis vision, when no legitimate investors would, this will only spell trouble. just because console players dont understand the issue, does not mean it doesnt exist. i wont pirate this game, but out of principle i will not purchase it until it hits steam. i have been with shenmue for 20 years. i have waited patiently, and this scenario is a hostile action to the pc player base and fans. no one expects small kids who play fortnite to understand the issue. but any adult should

  3. I'm just gonna go ahead and say this despite the hate and dislikes I will receive, no, no they didn't lie to anyone.

    I am definitely not pleased that this is an Epic Games store exclusive but ultimately they've not done anything wrong. In ALL PC games the distribution platforms are often listed as a part of the system requirements. if you look at the requirements for Shenmue 3 you'll see that not only is the steam client included in it, but you'll see the following disclaimer.

    "Game is currently in development so system requirements may change without notice. We thank you for your understanding."

    They WARNED us about this, they told us this could change, we just ignored/skimmed through it. By all means though dislike the video and continue to voice your disapproval of the Epic Store exclusive as with enough noise the devs might listen, however don't say and act like you were lied to or ripped off just because you couldn't do a little light reading.

  4. Ну вот Shenmue снова умрет не успев переродится! Этот мир – человеческий фактор. От него уже тошнит просто.
    Well, Shenmue will die again before it is reborn! This world is a human factor. From him already sick just.

  5. Although I agree it's a shame about the exclusivity, it's not a big deal. All you fake ass "fans" saying you're going to pirate the game are a much worse form of slug for stealing a product, over someones decision on which store to put the product on. Also, you only hurt yourselves when they end up not making any future Shenmue titles.

  6. I haven't kept up with gaming in a while, but the new shenmue caught my attention since the last one I played was on the dreamcast. What's the problem with epic games store? Everyone seems to be ruffled about it and I'm out of the loop. Thanks guys.
    Also, is the guy at the end voiced by Danny Trejo?

  7. crap game, crap kickstarter campaign, crap exclusive for backers such as me that were advertised to and even selected steam. I can't believe we all waiting years for the above… this looks like 2009 graphics, and 1998 animations… just said I wasted 60$ on this.

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