Should you buy an XBOX One Elite Controller in 2018?

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In this video we take a look at whether Microsoft’s Premium controller offering is really worth the high asking price.

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35 Comments on “Should you buy an XBOX One Elite Controller in 2018?”

  1. I’ve owned this controller for several years I’m currently on my second one.

    Do not buy this controller it will break less than a year of useage. Within months your bumper will start to come out, grips will come out and the green switches on the back may or may not get jammed. And the analog will do it’s usually slightly sliding up.

    Do not buy this controller if your a casual gamer as in you do not play competitively. If you play competitively mainly in shooter I’d recommend.

    The controller is by far a good idea but falls short of many defects. I’d most certainly buy another if the multiple defects are addressed and fixed.

    You can buy if your rich or you don’t care about your money.

    Again do not buy this controller if you do buy another regular controller and keep the elite strictly for competitive gaming.

  2. I dont need $130 Elite Controller. I just need a controller with tighter thumbstick retention like the Xbox360 thumbsticks. All this stuff is useless to me.
    Xbox One Thumbsticks are to loose

  3. Great Concept…I have broke 2 there are all kinds of issues with these things stuck analog sticks and broken bumpers. Its the same plastic piece of crap as the gen 2 controllers. Nothing but a headache and microsoft wont help

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