[ SKYRIM ] Save Editor For Pc And Xbox 360

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You Have To Have Skyrim On Your Pc First If Your Going To Mod Your Xbox Save….. Because You Have To Use The Console Commands.
Link – http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/3142
Send me a link to your save.. if you want to mod your xbox save only and you don’t have skyrim on pc. I’ll mod it for you..

45 Comments on “[ SKYRIM ] Save Editor For Pc And Xbox 360”

  1. This dose not work for xbox 360 its only for pc and even if you do get to get a modded character if you read the save part it tells you its for pc but its still is a awesome skyrim mod tool.

  2. It wont work because when the file is created it need to be an exs file which is the standard save for skyrim and other xbox games. To actually get the file to be read that save game editor was meant for pc so that when you had skyrim for pc you open the file you made on pc then once played and saved on pc you transfer it to xbox.

  3. If you have skyrim for PC as well as Xbox you can put that file on your skyrim PC version use it to mod that character save your game and then transfer that game-save to Xbox by renaming that game-save and making it Xbox compatible. There is many videos/tutorials on YouTube if you are interested 😛

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