Sonic Generations – STH2006 Project – Tropical Jungle – Final

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Finally we have finish the final GIA version of Tropical Jungle Stage
and now this video will show you how it is look using with
“The Sonic 06 Definitive Experience Showcase” Mod where from my cousin brinauuuu

Link (Not release yet):
Sonic Generations – The Sonic 06 Definitive Experience Showcase (Crisis City & Kingdom Valley) by brianuuuSonic

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Sonic Generations STH2006 Project – Demo 3 v1.1 Release Trailer

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This is an unofficial project which imports all of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) main stages from Xbox360/PS3 version into Sonic Generations on PC. This project aims to port the stages as similar to the original game as possible, like gimmicks, object placement etc.. It also includes changes which accommodate to the total different physics and controls in Sonic Generations. To watch previous previews, visit ModDB site.


~STH2006 Project Credits~

brianuuu (brianuuuSonic)
-Main Mod developer
-All stages terrain, splines, layout fixes
-Homochao editing
-Stage Object Physics
-Story Sequence Hacking (.lua mod)

-Main Mod developer
-Stage Tester
-Creator of Flame Core, White Acropolis, Tropical Jungle Part 1&2,
Dusty Desert Part 1, Radical Train Part 1, HUB world 2
-Recorded Videos Helping
-Stage Object Physics
-GIA Rendering for all stages

-Creator of SonicGlvl

-Spline Exporter

-Advanced Game Hacking
-STH06 Cutscene importing

-Prelude Stage GIA
-Early Crisis City & Distortion World GIA

-Silver Boss New Arena

-06 Dashpad & Rainbow Ring
-UV-anim creating (06 dash panel and jump board only)
-Mod Banner
-Mod introduction cilp

Mario Tainaka
-Ambient Sound
-Stage sound effect
-Final stereo BGM for all stages
-Custom sound file for Kingdom Valley

-Mephlies Animation
-Enemies Shaders Fixing
-Vine’s Sonic animation fix
-Sliver animation in Kingdom Valley

-uv-anim script
-06 path import script
-Whale in Wave Ocean

Daku Neko (darkcatmax)
-STH06 Robots rigging
-STH06 Item Box rigging
-Mephlies Model

TGE (thegameexplorer)
-STH06 Robots rigging
-06 Running Sonic for Loading Screen Picture
-Dusty Desert Vertex Fixing

-Custom Eagle Animation for Kingdom Valley

sobatsuyu100, JohnTB, Double S 124, Playcore22
-Beta Testing

-Recorded Videos Helping
-STH06 Cutscenes Record

-CSB Tool for ripping STH06 sound effects

-lua script cracking from XBOX360 version

Sonicthefan12 (Fanic)
-ITS NO USE Mod (Silver battle)

-06 Silver Boss rigging

-E123-Omega replace Vector model

-Step by Step tutorial, GIA Render Setup and rip & converter tools

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