Steelseries Stratus Bluetooth Game Controller for iOS 7 Review – Button Delay Issues Fixed

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I am doing a ‘re-do’ on my initial Steelseries Stratus review and rating this much higher now that a button delay issue has been addressed by the company. The fix came in the form of a firmware update that cab be downloaded from their site. More than likely all new units shipped will have this firmware installed but you’ll want to make sure yours is up-to-date.

It’s nice to see an iOS 7 compatible game controller that interfaces via Bluetooth as many others are designed only to plug into an iPhone 5 or 5s. So I was excited to try out the Steelseries Stratus especially because I really like their other controller called the SteelSeries Free.

The Free is compatible with the standard Bluetooth game controller format as well as iCade, but not with the new iOS 7 standard. The Stratus does work with iOS 7 but doesn’t support the standards the Free supports.

The Stratus is very small, so large hands might have a problem with it. The buttons, however, are well spaced and the controller is quite comfortable to play with despite its small size.

My recommendation? If the size of the Stratus isn’t an issue this is a great iOS controller that works across all iOS 7 devices. It’s not inexpensive, however, so you may want to wait a bit for more choices to enter the marketplace which will eventually bring prices down.

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  1. I have a question if you could or anybody that reads this could tell me how to no witch apps supports Bluetooth gaming control and witch do not because I'm thinking about getting one but I don't want to get one and I find out that I'm not going to use it. Thanks if you can help

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