Streamers React to "DRUM GUN" *NERFED* and P90 *REMOVED* in Fortnite Update

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Streamers React to “DRUM GUN” *NERFED* and P90 *REMOVED* in Fortnite Update

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26 Comments on “Streamers React to "DRUM GUN" *NERFED* and P90 *REMOVED* in Fortnite Update”

  1. Does this mean people will stop bitching about the drum gun? Seriously, there is a new OP weapon in town and its the combat shotgun. Learn to aim and you will find yourself surviving fights you should NOT survive with that gun. The sweats should be happy that the new metta is an automatic sniper shotgun that does 80 per head shot at medium range.

  2. the p90 before the nerf honestly wasn’t even that overpowered. We just wasn’t used to shit like that, and we cried nerf. Honestly, compared with the SMGs now, it shouldn’t have been nerfed at first.

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