25 Comments on “Terraria PS4, Xbox One Launch Trailer”

  1. no one talking about the trailer music right?
    this is a orchestral remix of the space theme made by someone else
    funny how re-logic didn't even link the original music…

  2. i often see people comparing this to minecraft
    these game are very different indeed.
    first off the 2d ( terraria ) and 3d ( Minecraft )
    the only thing they share is some craftable items + game art style ( pixels )
    terraria feels good to play, never are you bored, minecraft is epic because you play in first person which adds a point for realism ( per say )
    you can build epic stuff in terraria but i think building in minecraft is much better however… you can get more items in terraria and minecraft and the game feels more expansive.

    i really enjoy BOTH games, i cant say which i prefer tbh, it depends on my mood…some days i feel like building a 3d decorative house or some redstone madness but other days i feel like finding one of the 3646 items in terraria, or building something small and epic in terraria…

    i guess what im saying is that its like comparing call of duty to battlefield
    ( minecraft being the call of duty and terraria being battle field )
    there are essentially the same type of game but its what you do with them that sets them apart.

    minecraft has a esthisis on creativity, friends, survival and learning
    terraria has an esthisis on exploring, fun, friends, creativity

    i would highly recommend both games if you're thinking of buying but if you're new to these type of games i would say start off with minecraft, its a simple and easy way to start to understand terraria

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