The 15 best Android games from 2017!

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Read the post: | Join us as we round up the best Android games that were released over the course of 2017! It wasn’t as big of a year as last year, but there were still some great titles. Happy holidays!

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27 Comments on “The 15 best Android games from 2017!”

  1. Hi friends! This is my list of the best android games released this year. My criteria:

    1. It had to have its first public, non-beta release in 2017.
    2. It had to be an actually good game.
    3. Freemium games couldn't be "too freemium-y"
    4. Paid games couldn't get overpriced.
    5. They all had to be capable of hitting one of my many best lists.

    Of course, I'm not made of stone. If there's one you think I should've added that I didn't, leave a comment and tell me!

  2. Very cool review… thanks for not talk about you by 1 or + minutes like too many games "reviewers" that think that the viewers enter a link to se a autobiography hehehe keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sir I love gaming but where is shadow fight 3 , and into the dead, this is the best games but you are just ๐Ÿ˜ by the way good try but your list are not that great

  4. I have install To the Moon and Shadowmatic recently because of this video. And in my opinion, you guys should try To the Moon! It have a beautiful storyline in RPG kinda style. Also the Shadowmatic is the type of gameplay i never played before, very interesting.
    Now i want to search for another new game from this list. Thanks for the recommendation !

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