The BEST Cooling Solution – Air or Water – FINAL ANSWER

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AIO water cooling is considered the best for cooling efficiency short of a custom loop, but is it really? Or can air cooling give it a run for its money?

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38 Comments on “The BEST Cooling Solution – Air or Water – FINAL ANSWER”

  1. The answer is IT *D. E. P. E. N. D. S *

    Yes peeps I have wasted 8:13 of my life for him to say Air or liquid but guess what

    IT *D. E. P. E. N. D. S * One of the most famous answers when comparing to one another 😑

  2. Air of plane's engine not for flying only, but used to cooling the engine itself, same in vacuum cleaner, air conditions, Refrigerator, and it's very simple, just a little motor and small plastic fan.

  3. for those who hate noctua but want to get similair or even better performance get the thermalright le grand macho rt
    it has been tested and it beats the noctua dh15 by a 1 temp or 2 on on all tests i've seen and of course it dosen't look like shit it's black and white.

  4. With all due respect to people who are gay or like RGB… it makes the computer look like a gay pride statement. Again… nothing against gay people, but if you're not gay why would you use colours that the gay community use to identify their stance.

  5. a quick disclaimer: i spent way too much time researching all this stuff since im upgrading my current build so ill share what i learned. one huge thing to consider is the lifetime of your cooler. AIO pumps frequently fail within the first few months, and you will have to get them replaced (sometimes multiple times) which can take weeks. they do look good though.

    on the other hand, air cooling will not run into this problem because its just a bunch of metal sheets that spread the heat out, meaning air coolers can last MANY years more than an AIO.

    and since high end air coolers practically grant the same temps as AIOs, its hard to convince someone to cough up an extra 100$ to get liquid cooling instead.

  6. for common pc usage air and decents heatsinks and coolers is fine, even for the most demanding games, if you want to overclock, then water is your choise ,theres no more to say dont waste your money in expensive water kits
    "we bought things that we dont need to impres people we dont like" (fight club movie best phrase)

  7. Where I have to connect pump power cable? in AIO PUMP connector or some other chan. Fan connectors? I tried it in AIO_PUMP connector and BIOS showing me in idle mode 5500 rpm and CPU temp 48-52c… watta problem Idk. Can u help me guys? MB-ask asus crosshair VI ROG AM4 with ryzen 1700x without overclocking, arctic liquid freezer 240

  8. The usual argument I hear for water cooling is that it is quieter. However, a radiator doesn't work unless air moves through it, so water cooling doesn't get rid of the fan noise. Plus there's the noise for the water pump. Would be nice to see what are the noise levels for an air-only setup versus a water setup (with a fan so the radiator works), and to measure at what frequencies are the noise sources (because humans aren't linear in their sensitivity across their hearing spectrum, plus babies have a higher range of hearing than do adults or or farts, like me).

  9. i am watching your video because i wish to complain about your stupid face in your over the top thumbnails, lack of real personality and flooding youtube with pointless videos.

  10. ultimate cooling?. open air system in a room that stays below 70F..tower cooler and two low rpm fans to hit the mobo….no expensive case, no expensive custom loop, and easy to clean the system and swap parts…

  11. I’ve never water cooled as I don’t overclock but to find that water cooling is actually not even more efficient or effective than air cooling leaves me wondering – why the hell are water coolers so popular?

  12. I love how he uses the Corsair as the base even tho LTT's own video review shoes the NZXT is a far better water cooler. Which maters because he's not using a base level air cooler for the test.

  13. I got an amd 9590 to cool down … im having the corsair v8 on it since 3 year im bored if the noo space i got in the case … but your video is bassicly telling me to let it like that as ive installed it xd

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