The Evolution of MIDNIGHT CLUB

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The Evolution of MIDNIGHT CLUB Video Games from 2000-2009

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The Videos That I Used Aren’t Mine.

■Midnight Club Street Racing Gameplay By @xTimelessGaming
■Midnight Club II Gameplay By @xTimelessGaming
■Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Gameplay By @xTimelessGaming
■Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition REMIX Gameplay BY @AuToMaNiAk005
■Midnight Club Los Angeles Gameplay BY @DUBST3P K1NG
■Midnight Club L.A Remix Gameplay BY@HandHeld Gaming HQ Media
■Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition Gameplay BY @SykesY102


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► Outro Song: Sophomore Makeout – Silent Partner

►Intro Created By Skyline Studios RC
►Website where you can Buy/Order a 3D car intro

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35 Comments on “The Evolution of MIDNIGHT CLUB”

  1. Yeah everyone knows midnight club dub edition was the best racing game there's ever been. Nothing will compare to it unless they make a new version with the same gameplay as dub edition but new school customization options, and good big soundtrack and crazy storyline. Come on rockstar I mean GTA is cool and all but we need a new dub edition.

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