The PS5 Dev Kit is more Powerful than Xbox Project Scarlett Specs | Playstation 5 & Xbox Anaconda

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Next generation, more than any other is posed to be a brawl between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation 5. The masses expect a true Generational leap with much more power and since both teams have a lot of games in the pipeline, it all comes down to which is more Powerful. The PS5 has the advantage of Xbox Scareltt, but not for long


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47 Comments on “The PS5 Dev Kit is more Powerful than Xbox Project Scarlett Specs | Playstation 5 & Xbox Anaconda”

  1. I just like, sighed with my eyes and ears when I saw this, if you’ve got a console already with the best specs and have competition with a console with lesser specs, of course the lesser will have to upgrade, how much time did they have to start on a next gen console? A year, and now, even though Sony is a year ahead of Xbox they are still a lesser specs console, Microsoft is playing their cards right, Xbox is about to become the number 1 console for price, and looks, go Microsoft, you are unstoppable to some petty leakers, and they haven’t even come out with a full reveal of all parts, we know that there will be 120 FPS on both consoles and increased video enhances, so how is PS4 with a year ahead of Xbox about to lose this easy war? They aren’t the superior console, The.Xbox.Is.Superior

  2. You know this means nothing, PlayStation will have a pro version of the ps5 so your argument that the Lockhart will match the ps5 base is probably correct, but the pro version will give Microsoft a run for its money
    cough lack there of

  3. The rumors are sad, which is why Microsoft basically dropped the mic on Twitter and offered Sony their Scarlett dev kits that are extremely rare and barely even finished due to sheer mass amount power/software

  4. I see them being close in power, and they could likely be closer then the PS4 and xb1 are in terms of paper specs they are going g be using the same gen. hardware fro. the same company
    One thing I see though is PlayStation looks to be farther along in PS5 development, many developers have PS5 dev kits already and it already has a console type box, this means PS5 could be ready sooner then Xbox which would be history repeating itself and not be good for Xbox

  5. Anyone else think somethings fishy about no Xbox leaks?In this age everything leaks and we haven't heard anything..I feel like the new Xbox might be the xbone x with a ray-tracing chip

  6. Microsoft has already bought many studios so u can count on more exclusives moving onward .with that in mind and more money to spend than all the other big game names it's gonna be a good time to game with Xbox moving forward.

  7. I stick to Playstation as I am not willing to give my money to MS… it's my personal directive… Even if PS5 comes at 2nd place. I am sure the new PS will be good for me 🙂

  8. This is not the first time we have heard the ps5 is more powerful it’s been goin on for months and months yea the Xbox will catch you but I think the ps5 will have the edge not by a lot but enough but at the end of the day it’s about the games and so far it’s not looking good for Microsoft

  9. Ps5 devs kits have been in the wild for a while, meanwhile Scarlet dev kits have only recently gone to devs. So I expect Microsoft hardware to be slightly newer. Ms is being smarter this time and keeping it quiet.
    .this should lead to a nice surprise for LAUNCH

  10. I have owned every PlayStation system since ps1. Power does not matter. I buy ps for the content. And will buy a Xbox as well if the content there. Both console will be very similar in power. Only fan girls fight on the inter web on which is better.

  11. Fake media bought by Sony lying to the customers? Say it ain’t so, but wait, what’s this? They’ve been doing it for more than 4 years now? Sounds about right. Other the grass roots video game news and reviews like yours, the truth never gets told or heard.

  12. Today there is only one truth : Microsoft on next gen will never let the lead to Sony about powerful and price, and they will never let the same mistakes happen again, not twice, despite a Sony more powerful dev kit. So don't dreaming everybody, 2013 now is far…

  13. interesting render of PS 5 retro PS 1 design looks great i hope that the cooling system works while playing games and doesn't overheat the disc inside i usually let my cool down before i put them back inside their case which i feel helps
    to prolong their digital lifespan of enjoyment and collectible value as a gamer.

  14. bla bla bla..better graphics biger games will end not many games , lont term to made games and colsole will be dead sooner ..till nex gen.. games become too big empty , to much they add rpg to every game!

  15. 9th gen = ??? ( hope this repeats 5th gen )
    8th gen = Equal moderate amount of mostly good , some really good, and a few great games
    7th gen = Smallest library of good games + a few of the very greatest online MP games ever made
    6th gen = Largest and most consistent library of mostly really good and a few great offline and online games.
    5th gen = Overall THE greatest gaming era ever
    4th gen = Equal amount of really good games + a few of the very greatest SP games ever made
    3rd gen = Strongest and most consistent library of good games + a few absolute revolutionary games
    2nd gen = Weakest amount of a few good games

  16. Well i sure hope the PS5 is more powerful than the xbox one X lmao . I had a ps4 pro and a xbox one X , game on a 65 “ 4K tv and the xbox one X blew the ps4 pro out o the water . Sold the ps4 for more xbox games haha . I believe next generation , the xbox will smoke sony “ again “ on performance . Games ? Ha !!! I only play a handful of games anyhow lol . So the library of games who has better and or more games , all that sh!t can kiss my a$$ . Cheers microsoft .

  17. You should do more research 😉 ps5 can't run 8K games on 120fps. 120Hz is a big difference. AMD is building a unique CPU only for the new xbox. I've got every console even an OUYA. Look at PS3 & PS4. PS3 couldn't even multitask. Like party,playing music and palying a game at the same time. 360 can do all of that. PS4 is behind with their hardware if you compare it with an xbox one. And if you compare it with the xbox one x, is PS4 pro shit. Playstation has good exclusive games, and i give it a 9/10 if you compare it with exclusives of xbox. PS got way more exclusives. And why should xbox have a less more powerfull new gen than playstation. Japan is behind with the hardware technology if you compare it with USA.

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