THIS is why I'm WORRIED about e3 2019… Playstation and EA Have Pulled Out

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Well, e3 2018 was one of the best times of my life. But now E3 2019 looks awful. NO nintendo, instead they do Directs. NOW playstation, and now NO EA. Who does that leave? ubisoft? Bethesda? Square Enix? Xbox?

It looks like the show has finally become too expensive and lost its luster for a lot of big companies. Playstation execs said that e3 has become a “trade show that has no trade” and that its too late in the year to connect with retailers.

So lets take a look at e3 and see whether or not its worth getting hyped for 2019 e3.

29 Comments on “THIS is why I'm WORRIED about e3 2019… Playstation and EA Have Pulled Out”

  1. Ignoring E3 is a power move that is gonna work. They have nothing relevant to show. You bring up cringe right? Why would they show up just to have thousands of "journalists" talk about cringe and bring bad press before they even have anything to show? Smart move if you ask me.

  2. When I saw all of this happened I just The relevance of it was fading. Because of basically everything that was gonna be reveled will most likely be leaked before hand. And that is probably why these companies aren’t gonna be there. Don’t get me wrong E3 is still amazing to watch and experience. But those leaks really dulled the event for me.

  3. Already got everything I wanted. New Pokemon games and Halo coming to PC. I wanted Jak 4 for PS but I think that's just wishful thinking. Doom's release date and some info on Outter Worlds would be nice too.

  4. Sony has always been super self absorbed with itself and exclusivity. EA has always been a bore and major let down of a failing company. E3 just improved…

    Also these two companies are pulling out because the show is about consumers seeing the best games coming out and that does not fit their corporate monetization. They really have no care for their consumers. Outside of what their consumers have in their pocket at least…

  5. Take a shot every time "cringe" or "cringy" is said. Awkward neckbeards calling anything cringe is straight hypocrisy. Dude probably sleeps with three waifu pillows but yeah, E3 stuff is cringy.

  6. Are you not subscribed to PLAYSTATION OR HAVE AN APP!!!?? With the amount of videos being released on the PlayStation YouTube CHANNEL, do they really need a $$$$$$$$ live show? I get udpate on my android phone for free.

  7. I like playstation showcase it was more surprising and better games shown especially for when they are working underground with some special teams on their exclusives so I feel like they don't need their focus on e3 because they're just that good and are not desperate for attention and for when they do come back to surprise all of us it's gonna be a banger especially with the 5th console under development

  8. I still expect new games to be announced, and have a release date this year. Most o all i want to see more of Cyberpunk. And if it will even have a release date announced.

  9. With the power of the internet having a big, costly event like E3 seems wasteful these days. All but a few thousand that could see it live are just watching live streams and videos from home anyway. Studios doing their own events makes more sense.

  10. I still don't get why people bitch about playstation 2018 e3 it did what it was supposed to showed gameplay of what games we are excited for.There were like 3 musical numbers.There was no cringe for me lol.

  11. I wouldn't be too concerned. E3 is an expensive venture and EA are bleeding finances at the moment and Sony have very little to prove at this point despite their poor display last year. I think it's a sensible move. Why bother?

  12. You know, the less corporate cringe there is, the less boil-ridden flab folds there will be to sift through to find the cooler indie games and smaller developers, giving them more space to shine. I’m fine with these decisions. Besides, smart companies like Sony and Nintendo know their fans will find them. And EA doesn’t really care about fans so no worries there.

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