Time Traveling with Christopher Lloyd in Rescue the Scientists!

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Doc Brown needs your help for Edutainment Month 2019 commences! Taking a look at Rescue the Scientists — a puzzle platformer from Redwood Games in the vein of Word Rescue, Math Rescue, and Pickle Wars.

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24 Comments on “Time Traveling with Christopher Lloyd in Rescue the Scientists!”

  1. A DOS game I played that you haven't done a video on yet: Time Commando. I dont remember if it was good or bad bc I was so young i could barely get past the first couple levels, but no one has done a very good video on it.

  2. I’m so kind of mega maybe sure that one high-pitched Glixer is voiced by Rikki Simons…but I can’t find any credit anywhere to that account
    Btw, same voice actor for GIR on Invader Zim (hear the slight similarity?)

  3. Christopher Llloyd in 1994: "A Constitution is a document that keeps kings and presidents from getting too outrageous when signing documents and talking to the press."
    Guess they didn't cover 2016-2020 at Time Academy.

  4. His voice lines might've been higher pitched as a result of them speeding up the sound files so they would be shorter to make them smaller in size and easier to get onto the disc maybe?

  5. Only Christopher Lloyd would do things like this, and that is why he is christopher lloyd, as no matter the era, if he's in it, you know your gonna be in for something bizarre, fun and interesting lol As only him could go from his character on Taxi, To Doc Brown, to clue, to Kruge from star trek 3, kinda like a 1980's version of Nick Cage really, except far more liked for it lol

    although the difference is Lloyd is an actor, Nick Cage is just Nick Cage lol

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