Top 10 Times Yugi Cheated In Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Sometimes the King of Games said screw the rules. Yugi Mutou and Atem have dueled against the likes of Seto Kaiba, Marik Ishtar, Joey Wheeler, Maximillian Pegasus, and Jaden Yuki in the anime series – but he wasn’t always honest about the heart of the cards. Join Ashley as he looks at the worst things Yugi has ever done, from misplays to cheating against his own best friend! Draw!

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#10. Bakura Helps Yugi Defeat Yami Bakura
#9. Mammoth Graveyard Fusion
#8. Lightforce Sword
#7. Infinity + One
#6. Destroying the Castle of Dark Illusions
#5. Winning Slifer
#4. Attacking the Moon
#3. Kaiba Saves Yugi
#2. Two Against One
#1. Grooming Joey for Defeat

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25 Comments on “Top 10 Times Yugi Cheated In Yu-Gi-Oh!”

  1. You cheated not only the game, but yourself.

    You didn't grow.
    You didn't improve.
    You took a shortcut and gained nothing.

    You experienced a hollow victory.
    Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.

    It's sad that you don't know the difference.

    – Everyone else in this show, probably

  2. "Times that Yugi cheated in Yu-Gi-Oh!"

    entry 10 was Bakura cheating to give Yugi the win. Yugi had no input in that decision
    entry 3 was Kaiba cheating to give Yugi the win. Yugi had no input in that decision
    entry 1 is a scummy move, but it's not cheating. Cheating would have been if the show used the actual effect of the Dark Sage card, where Yugi would have needed to control Time Wizard, and win using it's effect, but the show frequently doesn't use the card's effects properly.

    There are several other cheats you could have called attention to, like having his GY face down in almost every duel, declaring attacks on his opponent's turn, canceling attacks after declaring them, using a trap card on a monster that can't be targeted by spell or trap cards, etc.

  3. Number 1 isnt cheating because it didnt even happen in the manga, that was manufactured just to create tension and fill in time before the final battle between the Yugi's and Pegasus.

    Joey forfeited the duel so that Yugi's cards wouldn't be more exposed to Pegasus. Which was a really awesome kind thing Joey did for Yugi.

  4. Ok, but…
    Yugi vs Weevil
    Makiu the Magical Mist
    “The field is wet now, and because my Summoned Skull attacks with lightning, I can destroy your monsters now!”
    Seriously. ?

  5. Never noticed as a kid watching this, but as with Pokemon series vs card game the same rules do not apply in tv version of Yu-Gi-Oh, as in card game…well played Yugi..well played indeed

  6. Guys, season 1 had no rules. Just accept it. The cards and strategies would have been so simplistic, it would have been a bore to watch without loads of poetic license.

  7. Things to point out:

    1: The spirit duel was just using the card game as a medium, and wasn’t about Duel Monsters, so it shouldn’t be on this list.
    It’s a callback to the original YuGiOh series, which was a lot darker and used a variety of games and riddles, as opposed to always being about a children’s card game. It was a lot darker, often times involving deadly consequences for the loser. Yami Yugi/Atem was more of a dark spirit (akin to Yami Bakura) than a friendly pharoah’s soul.
    Also, Yugi didn’t “cheat”. It was Bakura’s soul and free will that caused the outcome of the game.

    2: You cannot claim cheating on anything that happened in season one (Duelist Kingdom), as it’s based on the original version of Duel Monsters, NOT the current form of the game.
    The original game (which can be played via the PS1 game, “YuGiOh! Forbidden Memories”) involved having spell cards work as playable items that monsters could attack… thus the whole “Stone Soldier, attack the moon!” thing (though the floatation ring on Castle of Dark Illusions is pretty BS). Also, fusion was a very different thing back then, that worked based on type as well as design. Yes, it was possible to fuse monsters to create Blue-Eyes Ultimate, but fusing an undead creature with a living one had different effects to the norm.
    Also, you could fuse monsters and spell cards, but could only fuse monsters on your side of the field (not via your hand).

    3: When Yugi used Lightforce Sword, i the original version of the anime was meant to have it depicted as a quickplay spell card, but was later recoloured to be a trap card to match the card’s release in the real life game.

    4: We don’t talk about the whole Atlantis season. It was pretty terrible.

    5: The Revival Jam thing was anime-only BS. They changed the effect for the card’s release in real life, in that not only do you have to pay LP to revive it, but that it doesn’t come back until your next turn. Basically, they changed it so as to stop the idea of infinite loops like this.

    6: like with number 1, not Yugi’s fault. Kaiba’s fault. Again though, the Mystical Elf thing is anime BS… but could also be a special thing from the original game.

  8. aat 4:05 he didnt cheat to win he won by crashing both cards into eachother making em destroyed and his trap card let him survive because as long as dark magician girl was in the field he wouldnt lose no matter wat well atleast thats how he won in the english sub

  9. That's actually one of my favorite parts of the show. Rules only serve to further the plot. "Flying Monsters have an ill-described advantage over Land Monsters for this episode only! Magic Cards effect any Monster Card on the Field of the same name on both sides this episode only! Infinity can be defeated by the claim of Infinity us one!"

  10. You failed to take into account that the real world card and game were designed after the episodes and that means a lot of the stuff in the series doesn't make sense in the real game. For example there are some cards like the Magical Hats that are Spell Cards in the series but in the actual game it is a Trap Card. Another prime example is Joey's favorite card, The Flamed Swordsman, which he uses in almost every duel is actually a fusion monster, but he plays it as if it was a normal monster card.

  11. Well still, there are 2 cheating moments that surprass all of the above.
    The first one is in Gx in the episode where atticus rhodes and fujiwara battle.
    Battle ends in a draw with Fujiwara almost ready to turn nonexistent?
    Nah dude lets time reverse cause we were that dumb to forget clear vice dragon's effect. What better way to make this ability canon for some reason.
    The second one is in Zexal II with Yuma against Vector in Sargasso. Yuma has 1 card, we know what card it is (Limited Rank-up Magic Barian's force), Vector LITERALLY SETS A CARD that in the moment he would draw that rank up magic, it would cause 1000 damage for each barian card in his opponent's hand( Barian's explosion). What do? Oh yeah lets use magic(sorry i meant SHINIG DORAWOOOO) to change the card into another rank-up magic "tapping into its true nature" as they said, and then not only that (i wont comment on victory's creation cause that was a common thing in Zexal), LETS HAVE IT HAVE A CONVENIENT EFFECT THAT NEGATES ALL CURRENT FACE-UP CARDS ON THE FIELD.

  12. 2 out of 10 are actual cheating theres a reason the fanbase doesnt count duelist kingdom “cheats” as cheating its because duelist kingdom happened before the card game really had a set of rules sorry but stick to shit you know mojo

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