TOP FREE Battle Royale GAMES of 2018! (NEW)

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►TOP 5 FREE Battle Royale Games! (FREE Games Like PUBG)
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2018 has a ton of FREE Battle Royale games coming out, so I looked at some new games that you can play!

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►Warface: Battle Royale


►Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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  1. Yea I definitely feel you on the Palladian's BR Game It Definitely looks super lazy like runescape status haha At least runescape 3d looks ridiculous personally I messed with runescape classic 2d with R2H's lolz, but with all that being said look at Bluehole they truly did just throw there game together & if I am not mistaken Bluehole was only shootin for 1 million copies that's it, & now look. But I did play Paladoins wen it was just regular play non BR type of game, I think one of the game styles was to team up with 6 other people or so and protect a railroad package while fighting off the other team

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