Trials Rising REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

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It’s been 5 years since Trials Fusion hit store shelves and Ubisoft’s platforming racer is at it again. Does Trials Rising do enough new to feel fresh and how does this PS4 & Xbox One game transition to Nintendo Switch? Find out in our review!
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27 Comments on “Trials Rising REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. Most of the things you said were true but I've got three problems with this review:
    – the right analog stick is a very good alternative to the triggers. I got gold on Inferno V with it and it didn't feel different than triggers
    – You said that contracts don't add difficulty. Of course if you do an easy contract it will be hard but later you get extreme contracts and ninja even. You can't say contracts won't make you bite your nails
    – acorns can be earned through contracts and collectibles. I found all of the squirrels and got like 150 of them which was enough to buy every gold part on every bike with some acorns contracts

  2. Does anyone know if analog triggers from an xbone s controller work in this game? I have a usb bluetooth adapter to use the xbone controller for smash, and I would only buy they game if it was supported.

  3. Right analog analog throttle works really well actually. Not 100% as good but close. I love this game in handheld mode. I play with the analog in docked mode too. It feels great once you adjust

  4. Does this offer local multiplayer on multiple switch devices. e.g. 4 switches, 4 copies of the game rather than having to get 4 of you huddled round a single switch (if you dont have a TV nearby)

  5. I played the Steam version as of now, and i love it! Right now, the hardest thing i had done in the game is getting an A+ on lesson 5 due to those frame perfect jumps at segments B and A! Do you know how hard it is to jump while doing a wheelie at the same time?! But your worst enemy is getting "Gay baby jailed" where you land, but get stuck since only your front wheel landed. Or how about lesson 6 where you have to do several consecutive high level uphill landings in a row?! Oh, and they are just medium! I have not even seen the extreme or ninja tracks yet!

  6. After playing for a couple of days now I can definitely say that if you have a choice do not get the switch version of trials the frame rate drops affect the game play way to much if you have played any of the older games on ps4 or xbox you will find the switch version intolerable

  7. So, from what I can gather, it's a fun game, but even more enjoyable on other platforms? That's fine, but a bit of a letdown because the gameplay of Trials is perfect for mobile play.

  8. Ubisoft should now port Trackmania: Turbo or with the collaboration with Nintendo in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and StarFox Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Nintendo and Ubisoft should do Mario Kart X Rayman Legends: Powered by Trackmania Turbo

  9. They're a small studio so I understand the cutbacks for Switch, though its a shame because it shouldn't be cut back that much from the looks of it. Glad to see it looks good though, I skipped Fusion just by happenstance but apparently it wasn't as good anyway so I wasn't missing much.
    One critique of the review though, did you think the game's difficulty wasn't like it used to be because you've already had several games under your belt, or did you take that into account?

  10. The framerate for the Switch port are pretty disappointing. I'm still excited for the game, but I'll go for the PC version instead. 30 FPS for a game like Trials is far from ideal.

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