Tutorial How To Hack Xbox 360 Slim – With Xkey W/Darkmike P.3 FINALE – READ THE DESCRIPTION

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STEP 10: Now what i want you guy is to create a folder and then call it ” Games ” then now what i want you to do is go back to ur web browser and then go to this website call http://www.torrentgamesps2.com.br/lista-games-xbox-360/ that is will have all the games that you want to play and also download just in case you dont have the actual game it self now fine the game call Halo 2 on that website then it should take you to another page of that website then after that then were you see Download Do Torrent click on that then it will download but make sure you have BITtorrent or Utorrent

STEP 11: Once your game has been downloaded then extract the game then it will make an iso then once that happen then create a folder and name it Halo 2 then put that iso game into ur Halo 2 folder then move that folder to your TOSHIBA 500 External Hard Drive Games folder then you is done now

FINALE STEP 12: WATCH CAREFULLY!!!! when i put this all back together but putting in the Xkey in my system as well once that happen then turn on your xbox 360 by hitting the power switch on your xbox then when your xbox is in the main menu then dont TOUCH it keep it on the main menu let it update with out you doing anything then after 20 minute to 30 minute then turn off ur xbox then turn it back on then there you go your xbox is in EMULATOR MODE whatever you want to say. READ THIS CAREFULLY the only you can play your games disc’s is by turning off your xbox then hit the eject button on your xbox then you can play any xbox DVD games that you own To Play Games or ISO Games this is what you need to do

Not EMULATOR MODE BY ONLY HIT EJECT= Play DVD Regular Xbox 360 Games
IN EMULATOR MODE TO PLAY ISO’s GAMES= is by Power on your xbox hitting the guide button or Power Button on your Xbox then it will say open tray once that has happen then it will say close tray then closing then reading then MIXED MEDIA DISC then scroll to the right until you see MY Music Apps then System Music Player Then Current Disc then Xbox360 Games Driver then find the folder call halo 2 then open that halo 2 folder then you will see another folder call halo 2 then it will say ” Eject tray to load mp3.” then hit your xbox guide button then hit y and then y again then wait for the game to load up then there you go Play Halo 2 and now you have halo 2 on your xbox 360 slim you can do this with any game that you have download as well make sure it is an iso tho because if is a regular game it will not work at all because it is in EMULATOR MODE once your in emulator mode it can only play iso games and that is it

so guys i hope this help you now what is the next time that i am going to do a hacking video tutorial i dont even know but what system that i am going to do is Nintendo Wii so yeah i just want to is that ENJOY YOUR FLASH XBOX360 SLIM (^_^)
I just want to say is Thank You guys so much for joining me and i will be back to do a new DarkMike Hacking Turorial until next time stick toon for a new DarkMike Hacking Tutorial i am DarkMike this has DarkMike Gaming thank you guys once again for joining me and y’all better come back now you hear Thank You Goodbye
Goodnight and Mosh ^_^

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  1. hey bro.. i did all that things.. it worked well.. thank you very much…. and i need to change my usb device. so i change device and copy paste that files like i did other device. but it was not get mixed media disc.. and i all so wait 20 minutes but it wasn't worked. do you have any idea for solved this…???

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