Understanding The New Parachuting System In PUBG (Xbox one/PS4) – Tips To Land First!

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The new parachuting system has been out for about two weeks now, and I really like it. Here are some observations and tips on how to become consistent with your approach.

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22 Comments on “Understanding The New Parachuting System In PUBG (Xbox one/PS4) – Tips To Land First!”

  1. This was a good informative video only thing that wasn’t that great was the background music it was stale dry boring and almost depressing next time if you could use a more upbeat beat or something that’s not dull.

  2. Youre the best man. I've been away since the update and I went to land and was furious. I tried several times. I was really accurate with the old system. I'm not liking this.

  3. How are there people able to go 200-300 meters more in gliding distance before altitude automatically deploits chute, or in good enough distance to be ahead of everyone and pull their chute and getting to 2k-3k long jumps 1.5-2 minutes before the 189km which is presently the auto speed when gliding wothout going straight down..

  4. Lol so they change things that didnt even need to be touched? Im glad they enjoy wasting their own time. I never get stuck on objects. Now the chute gives you an option to let go of your chute when your still 50 ft in the air. War mode is less fun now because you cant really land on peoples head anymore without doing a long roll and nit being able to pull your gun out fast enough

  5. What about gliding through the air for mid distance jumps? I heard something about making the camera face the horizon or the sky but it never works for me. Some people can fly much higher and farther. That is before popping the chute

  6. biggest waste of fucking rescources. add that role to jumping off anything 2 story or lower so we can not have that stupid ass 3 second pose of standing still or jumping out of a window. no. they go and use it for one time only in the start of match and never used again. waste of time and peoples money. apex seems badass but it needs titans

  7. A much needed video. You're right about the new parachuting system being an upgrade to the game. It's so much more predictable than the previous one. Now, I can land any where I want at a particular landing zone.

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